The View's Alyssa Farah Griffin claps back at Sunny Hostin in debate

The View’s Alyssa Farah Griffin gets into a bitter political spat with co-host Sunny Hostin – after admitting she WON’T vote for former boss Donald Trump OR Joe Biden and branding the election ‘the rematch from hell’

  • Alyssa, 34, who served as the White House Director of Strategic Communication during Trump’s presidency said she will not vote for him or Biden 
  • She said that neither candidate aligns with her views and that she would prefer to ‘write in a candidate’ like Will Hurd 
  • Sunny, 54, then accused Alyssa of ‘throwing away her vote’

The View’s Alyssa Farah Griffin and her co-host Sunny Hostin got into a bitter war of words during Friday’s broadcast – when they butted heads over their political opinions while discussing the next presidential election. 

During the segment, Alyssa, 34, who served as the White House Director of Strategic Communication during Donald Trump’s presidency, candidly admitted that she doesn’t plan to vote for her former boss in the upcoming election – before stating that she also has no plans to support Joe Biden. 

Her confession prompted Sunny, 54, to accuse her co-host of ‘throwing away’ her vote – an allegation that left Alyssa looking visibly annoyed, and saw fellow View panelist Sara Haines leaping to her defense. 

The bitter debate between the women was prompted by a comment made by 80-year-old Joy Behar, who questioned why any American would support Trump, raging: ‘What is wrong with Americans? I don’t understand it!

‘Why are Americans supporting this guy? Tell me the reason!’ 

Farah’s frustration: The View host Alyssa Farah Griffin did not look happy on Friday’s show

Savage: Sunny Hostin accused Alyssa of ‘throwing away’ her Presidential vote

Dynamic duo: Sunny and Alyssa spoke over one another as they discussed voting

Griffin chimed in to agree with her co-host, branding the country’s ‘primary system’ as ‘flawed’, before calling a prospective election between Trump and Biden ‘the rematch from hell’. 

‘Our primary system is very flawed,’ she stated. ‘Seven in ten don’t want Joe Biden to get in. Why are we doing the rematch from hell that nobody wants?

‘Will Hurd said this very well… the only way to defeat Donald Trump is in a primary. Like DeSantis, when does he think he’s going to step in and have his moment?’

Hostin piped up and referred back to Behar’s comment and said: ‘But I think back to her question, outside of the primary system, why are so many people still endorsing him or supporting [Trump]?’

Ana Navarro then decided to join the discussion and claimed: ‘Because he will come into a primary and he will destroy your political career. He can make or break a Republican primary and so a lot of Republicans come out and endorse him.’

In an attempt to explain herself, Behar fired back: ‘But I’m not talking about them, I’m talking about the American voter.’

‘That poll, it’s not as meaningful as that because, remember, that’s not how you win an election. You don’t win an election with a popular vote. You win with electoral votes so we have to look at it state by state,’ Navarro, 51, explained.

Griffin, who is a Republican, then admitted: ‘I could never support Donald Trump again. That’s not even a question to me but I probably won’t support Joe Biden.’

Fiery debate: Republican Ana Navarro admitted she would vote for Joe Biden again

Defense mode: Alyssa told the panel she won’t be ‘boxed into a failing two-party system’

Panel talk: Things got rather heated as Joy led Friday’s instalment of the ABC program

Behar was keen to hear why she wouldn’t endorse Biden, and Griffin was more than happy to elaborate on her comment. 

‘He doesn’t reflect my beliefs. I feel differently on national security, on life issues, on the economy,’ she said.

Navarro, who is also a Republican, then asked: ‘Do you think a Republican would have done something different?’

Not hesitating at all, Griffin replied: ‘Absolutely. I don’t know that Donald Trump would have. Any other Republican would have handled it slower, steadier.’

As Behar and Hostin continued to fire back comments at Griffin, she was clearly feeling frustrated and reminded them: ‘I don’t want either. That’s what most Americans are saying.’

Confirming that she won’t be voting for Trump either, Navarro said: ‘I voted for Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden and I’ll vote for Joe Biden again because if the choice is a man who in my view is a threat to national security, a threat to democracy, a threat to world order, evil, crazy and unstable, and I have a binary choice, I either vote for the whack job or I vote for Joe Biden.’

Not letting it go, Behar directed the debate back at Griffin again and shouted out: ‘She said she would not vote for Joe Biden.’

Head-to-head: Alyssa admitted she will not vote for Joe Biden (left) or Donald Trump in the future

Joy’s jibe: Joy Behar told Alyssa that her vote would be ‘invalid’ as she fumed over Trump

Taking sides: Sara Haines was quick to jump in and defend Alyssa’s point of view

Back then: Alyssa was the White House Director of Strategic Communications and Assistant to President Trump in 2020

Explaining her decision, the political commentator responded: ‘I said it before. The answer might be different if I lived in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, in a swing district where my vote could be a difference. That would be a different scenario. 

‘I’m voting in Manhattan. I’ll write in someone, I’ll likely write in Will Hurd. I could vote for Tim Scott or Nikki Haley.’

But Behar declared it an ‘invalid vote’ and questioned why Griffin would even bother voting.

‘I’m not going to be boxed into, what I think is, a failing two-party system where we’re not putting up our best candidates,’ Griffin hit back. 

Hostin then accused: ‘I think I agree with Ana, I would never throw away…’ but Griffin quickly butted in and argued: ‘It’s not throwing away!’

The outspoken lawyer continued: ‘…my Presidential vote when my people fought so hard for the right to it,’ but Haines, 45, was quick to join in and defend Griffin.

‘Not voting is throwing your vote away. She would write in a candidate,’ she said as her co-star added: ‘It’s not throwing away, I’m casting my vote! I would never not vote!’

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