‘Thought I might cry’ Piers Morgan avoided TV interviews after Shane Warne’s sudden death

Shane Warne's son pays tribute to his father at memorial service

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Piers Morgan, 57, has opened up about his emotional state following the death of legendary cricketer Shane Warne. The former Good Morning Britain star admitted he “thought he might” cry after his friend unexpectedly died of a heart attack at the age of 52.

In an interview published yesterday, the presenter was asked about the last time he cried.

Giving his grandmother’s funeral as one example, he went on to share that he’s “not really a crier”. 

“I think when you run a daily newspaper for ten years, you’re exposed constantly to horrendous things,” he explained.

“I can remember crying over Dunblane and Sandy Hook. I definitely shed a tear over Sandy Hook…”


“Shane Warne,” he continued. “Shane Warne was a good friend of mine, and I actually deliberately didn’t do any television interviews [in the days after Warne’s sudden death last month of a heart attack] because I thought I might cry.

“That’s the honest truth. I’d been texting him a few hours before.”

Piers went on to reveal that he would be using one of Shane’s favourite lines on his new show Uncensored in tribute to the late star. 

The journalist recalled: “He used to sometimes say, ‘You’ve got to say get stuffed to the fun police.’ 

“I thought that was such a brilliant line. I wouldn’t mind that on my tombstone,” Piers reflected in his interview with The Times

The Dunblane massacre took place at Dunblane Primary School near Stirling, Scotland in 1996, when Thomas Hamilton shot dead sixteen pupils and one teacher, as well as injuring fifteen others, before killing himself.

The Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting took place in 2012 in Newtown, Connecticut, when Adam Lanza shot and killed six members of staff, as well as twenty children between the ages of six and seven years old. 

The former helped focus Morgan’s long-running support of gun control and also resulted in a significant change in UK law. 

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More recently, Piers’ friend Shane died of a heart attack in Thailand last month, causing an outpouring of tributes from fans around the world. 

Shane was said to have been enjoying a ‘lads’ holiday’ in Koh Samui when his health took a turn for the worst. 

The world has been coming to terms with the loss of one of sport’s greatest figures ever since, with many fans leaving cards and flowers at a statue to Shane outside Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Piers took to Twitter at the time, where he shared a picture of one fan’s rather unusual gift to the late sports star with his 7.9 million followers. 

This particular ode to Shane really stood out as a cheeky homage to his famed party lifestyle.

Piers wrote: “Amid all the flowers left by Shane Warne’s statue ⁦@MCG…

“One fan left a beer can, meat pie & packet of cigarettes. Brilliant,” he added with clapping emojis.

Two weeks ago, an emotional memorial service was held at the Melbourne Cricket Ground to celebrate the life of the cricket legend, featuring the likes of Hugh Jackman and Elton John.


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