Tony Danza slammed for 'condescending,' 'unkind' behavior in cringeworthy interview, plus more news

Bad behavior on Broadway

Tony Danza is facing backlash for his patronizing demeanor during an interview on Broadway this week. A TikTok video posted by entertainment reporter Rye Myers on Thursday (April 27) shows the “Who’s the Boss?” alum responding to his questions with increasing hostility at the opening night of “New York, New York.” The clip begins with Tony chatting with producer Jamie deRoy when Rye approaches him for a quick interview. “Relax a little,” Tony tells Rye right off the bat. “You’re more excited than we are. Take it easy.” Rye responds by explaining that the event is “exciting” to him, but Tony’s clearly not impressed. “I know, I know, I know, I know. OK,” he says, finally agreeing to the chat. But Rye barely has a chance to get started before Tony shuts him down. Asked to name his “favorite New York City staple food,” the actor puts a hand on the reporter’s face and says, as if he’s speaking to a child, “You know what you’ve got to do, buddy, you’ve got to come up with better questions.” He then tells his producer friend, “Come on. Let’s go,” and walks away.

“I understand not everyone is in the mood to answer questions, and you can always pass,” Rye captioned the post. “I asked these same questions (and a few others!) to heavy hitters like #JoelGray #linmanuelmiranda and others, and only #TonyDanza replied like this….To say I was blown away, shocked, and embarrassed is an understatement…But, my professionalism showed through!” In the comments, he explained that the show was “New York, New York” and “everyone was asking New York City-themed questions.” A flood of TikTok users defended Rye and called out Tony for his rudeness. “That was so unkind it made me uncomfortable,” one person wrote. “The touch on the face would have sent me into a fit of rage,” another comment read. “*Cut to Tony Danza’s daytime talk show and the terrible questions he used to ask*,” one user joked. A third person slammed Tony as a “condescending a******” before commending Rye for maintaining his composure. As of Friday, Tony had not addressed the interview or subsequent backlash online.

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David Beckham details ‘tiring’ OCD rituals in new doc

For David Beckham, living with obsessive compulsive disorder is “tiring” but he has yet to overcome it. In a forthcoming Netflix docu-serries about the soccer icon’s life and career, David, 47, speaks candidly about his OCD, a mental health condition that “features a pattern of unwanted thoughts and fears (obsessions) that lead you to do repetitive behaviors (compulsions),” according to the Mayo Clinic. “The fact that when everyone’s in bed I then go around, clean the candles, turn the lights on to the right setting, make sure everywhere is tidy,” he says in footage from the new documentary viewed by The Guardian. “I hate coming down in the morning and there’s cups and plates and, you know, bowls,” he admits. David also feels driven to clean all the candles in the house he shares with wife Victoria Beckham and their kids. “I clip the candle wax, I clean the glass — that’s my pet hate, the smoke around the inside of a candle,” he says, adding, “I know, it’s weird.” When a member of the production crew mentions the Beckhams’ kitchen is immaculate, David confesses that’s his handiwork. “I clean it so well, I’m not sure it’s actually appreciated so much by my wife, in all honesty,” he says.

Victoria then assures him he and his efforts are “appreciated,” but tells the camera crew, “he’s just so perfect,” sparking David to wonder aloud, “why does it sound so sarcastic when she says that?” Though he says the compulsions are “tiring,” he admits he can’t seem to stop the behavior. The multi-part series is due out later this year.

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Naomi Watts reacts to Billy Crudup engagement, ring questions on ‘Today’

If Naomi Watts is engaged to Billy Crudup, she’s keeping the happy news to herself … to the extent she can while sporting a massive diamond ring on her all-important finger. Naomi stopped by the “Today” show on Thursday (April 27) and it didn’t take long for Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie to ask the actress about her new sparkler. “My eye is hurting,” Hoda joked. “It’s like a big glint coming from some ring over here,” she said waving in Naomi’s direction. “It just struck me, but it’s beautiful.” Naomi put her hands up to her face and leaned back on the couch, laughing, but saying nothing. Savannah then chimed in to clarify, “Hoda is asking if you’re engaged,” but she didn’t get too far, either. As her giggles subsided, Naomi blamed her lack of response on “brain fog” (they’d been discussing menopause). “Whatever you’re wearing, you wear it beautifully,” Hoda said, letting the topic go. Naomi and Billy were first linked as a couple in 2017, after Naomi’s split from her boyfriend of 11 years, Liev Schreiber. She and Liev share two kids, Kai, 13, and Sasha, 15. Billy shares an 18-year-old son, William, with ex, Mary-Louise Parker.

James Corden says goodbye to ‘The Late Late Show’ in star-packed finale

It was an emotional farewell for James Corden on his final edition of “The Late Late Show” on Thursday (April 27) — but he said goodbye with support from more than a few special guests. In addition to the episode’s official visitors, Harry Styles and Will Ferrell, James teamed up with his stunt-loving pal Tom Cruise to crash a production of “The Lion King” on “The Last Last Late Late Show Carpool Karaoke Special,” which aired right before the finale. Once the actual show got rolling, James admitted it “was an emotional time” for him, given his departure from the post he’s held since 2015. His family was in the audience, too, and at one point, the star’s mom broke down in tears. Later in the show, a sketch featured James being visited in his bedroom by late-night hosts Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Meyers, Stephen Colbert and even David Letterman, all of whom teased James for leaving their “exclusive club.” Following his chats with Harry and Will, James offered a goodbye speech that touched on the current political and social climate in the his adopted home, the United States. “We started this show with Obama, then Trump, then a global pandemic,” James said. “I’ve watched America change a lot. Over these past few years, I’ve watched divisions grow and I’ve seen and I’ve felt a sense of negativity bubble and at points boil over,” he continued, before asking viewers to “remember what America signifies to the rest of the world.”

“My entire life it has always been a place of optimism and joy. And yes, it has flaws, so many, but show me a country that doesn’t. Show me a person that doesn’t,” he said. “We are all more the same than we are different. There are so many people who are trying to stoke those differences and we have to try as best we can to look for the light, look for the joy. If you do, it’s out there. That’s all this show has ever been about.” James closed the show with a piano ballad and a video montage of moments through time on “The Late Late Show.” As he played, he sang: “Part of me thinks why not stay here forever, but deep in my heart I just know. No more shows to be showing, it’s time I was going. It’s time. Thanks for watching, that’s our show.”

Post Malone explains recent weight loss

Fatherhood looks good on Post Malone! On Thursday (April 27), the rapper and singer shared a selfie from Belgium and a lengthy Instagram post addressing his recent slimdown, which has apparently sparked concern from his fans. “I wanted to say that i’m not doing drugs. I’ve had a lot of people ask me about my weight loss and i’d suppose, performance on stage. i’m having a lot of fun performing, and have never felt healthier,” he wrote in the caption before explaining that he’s been health-focused since he and his fiancee welcomed their first child in May 2022. “I guess dad life kicked in and i decided to kick soda, and start eating better so i can be around for a long time for this little angel,” Post continued. He went on to joke about kicking his other vices at some point, then shared an update on the new music he said he’s been working on, telling fans he’s “so excited to share it” and thanking them for their “patience and support.”

“You make my heart beat,” Post added. He also said he expects to post more in the near future because his head’s in such a good place. “i’m the happiest i’ve been in a long time,” he continued. “If you’re having a hard time or need some love, i can say that you’re loved more than you know, and keep f****** crushing it. goodnight nerds😤spread love and rock on.”

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