Trisha Yearwood Joins Hailey Whitters On ‘How Far Can It Go?’

Trisha Yearwood and Hailey Whitters have teamed up for “How Far Can It Go?” a song featured on Living the Dream, the deluxe edition of Whitters’ 2020 album The Dream.

Whitters and Yearwood sing their verses before joining on the chorus, pondering, “How far can it go? / How long will it last? / She’s got her eyes on forever / He’s got his foot on the gas / You can’t stop two hearts / From findin’ out what they want to know / Town is guessin’ / People bettin’ / Daddy’s sweatin’ / Hey, how far can it go?”

A visual for the song shared by Whitters shows her handling a guitar and a pen in a makeshift ’90s-themed bedroom with a poster featuring male teen idols of that era decorating the wall.

Whitters, Nicolle Galyon and Hillary Lindsey co-wrote the song, taking inspiration from the 90’s female powerhouses.

“This song reminds me of something I would’ve been singing along to on the radio, driving my old truck back in high school,” Whitters explains in a press release. “We all know that young couple back in our hometowns with ‘forever in their eyes,’ and the feeling of wondering if they’ll be able to make it work when they go off to college.”

“Those story songs in country music were relatable to me then (and now),” she added, “and I hope there’s a generation of country music fans that still find them just as relatable today.”

“The first time I heard Hailey Whitters’ voice, I was in. I believe every word she sings … Her energy is infectious,” said Yearwood.

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