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On Sunday, January 3, it was reported that actress Tanya Roberts had died at age 65. It wasn’t simply a rumor: the former Charlie’s Angel and Bond girl’s death was confirmed by her friend and publicist Mike Pingel on Sunday (via CNN). Roberts had reportedly been hospitalized since December 24 at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles after collapsing at her home.

In a truly bizarre turn of events, it was confirmed on Monday, January 4, that Roberts is actually still alive. During an interview with Inside Edition, Roberts’ boyfriend Lance O’Brien received a phone call from the hospital’s ICU team informing him that she didn’t die.

It’s unclear how and why this inaccurate report was released, and why it took a full day to correct it. In addition to the CNN interview, Roberts’ rep confirmed her death to TMZ on Sunday, saying he received the information directly from O’Brien. The outlet says they spoke with a number of Roberts’ friends, who also told them that O’Brien had contacted them to share the news of her supposed death.

What is Tanya Roberts's current health status?

Needless to say, there’s currently a whole lot of confusion surrounding Tanya Roberts’ hospitalization and the true status of her health. Multiple reputable outlets reported that Roberts was hospitalized on December 24 and, based on the phone call O’Brien received, she’s in the ICU — so she is dealing with some sort of serious illness or injury.

When Pingel spoke to CNN and other outlets on January 3, he didn’t provide a cause of death. However, he did say that it wasn’t due to COVID-19. Of course, with so much inaccurate information circulating, it’s possible Pingel didn’t have the real facts to share. According to Pop Culture, O’Brien said that Roberts was having problems with her liver function prior to her hospitalization and that she was put on a ventilator upon arrival. Conversely, Pingel told The Hollywood Reporter on Sunday that she had not seemed ill in the days leading up to her collapse and hospitalization.

During his interview with Inside Edition, O’Brien stated that, due to COVID safety protocols, he wasn’t allowed to visit Roberts in the hospital until Sunday. He also said he was present during what he believed were her final hours and that hospital staff told him Roberts “had no hope to live.”

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