Who's the secret Glastonbury headliner? Rumours of secret ax

Who’s the secret Glastonbury headliner? The big acts rumoured to be playing – and how likely it is Harry Styles, Florence and the Machine and Blink-182 will perform at Worthy Farm

  • Everything you need to know about Glastonbury’s secret set performances 

Glastonbury have released a full list of acts set to perform on the hundreds of stages across Worthy Farm this weekend. 

Festival-goers can expect Elton John, Guns N’ Roses and (hopefully) Arctic Monkeys to headline, but can also eagerly anticipate some other famous faces to perform unannounced. 

The iconic music festival has been known to surprise it’s audiences with special guests with Lady Gaga, Franz Ferdinand and George Ezra among many big names to have surprised fans with a secret set. 

Aside from speculation, Twitter account @secretglasto posts predictions of Glastonbury’s secret performances – and has even accurately guessed in the past.  

But who is rumoured to have a secret set this year? Here’s is a list of favoured acts to take the Glasto stage in secret. 

Glastonbury is known for surprising their audiences with secret acts and Lady Gaga was even a secret performer

Will there be secret sets at Glastonbury in June 2023?

Glastonbury is known for keeping festivalgoers on their toes, and this year is no different.  

According to Glastonbury’s official line-up, here are the following slots that are listed as ‘To Be Announced.’ 

  • Pyramid Stage, Friday 6.15pm – ‘The Churnups’ – see below for further speculation
  • Woodsies Stage, Friday 7.30pm
  • Woodsies Stage, Saturday 6pm
  • BBC Music Introducing Stage, Saturday 5.45pm
  • BBC Music Introducing Stage, Sunday 5pm

Who is favoured to play a secret set at Glastonbury?

Speculation of Glastonbury’s secret performances comes after the festival shared their line up times, and included a random band called The ChurnUps to the Pyramid Stage, before Arctic Monkeys headline slot. 

Now fans of the festival are searching for clues and trying to figure out who the band is.  

Various names have been thrown into the mix – These following artists are rumoured to be playing secret set at Glastonbury in June 2023. 

Harry Styles

Harry Styles has yet to perform at Glastonbury, but is favoured to after the sell-out success of his previous tours. 

His sequined fans have placed him as a favourite to give a secret set at Glastonbury this year- and he has a convenient gap in his busy tour schedule ahead of his performance in Germany on June 27. 

The global sensation swept the Brit Awards this year, winning all four category’s he was nominated four including Best Artist. 

Styles adds the win two his previous two Brit Awards, three Grammy’s, and three American Music Awards.  

However, the popstar is currently mid-tour and is thought to be unlikely to appear over the five-day festival.  

Harry Styles has not yet performed at Glastonbury so is rumoured to have a secret set at Worthy Farm festival


The US rock trio have recently reunited with Tom DeLonge, their Drummer Travis Barker has made headlines recently when his wife and world-famous reality star Kourtney Kardashian announced her pregnancy at the band’s concert.

Fans are hoping their surge of popularity has added them to the list of secret acts at Glastonbury.  

But any chance of them playing are slim as they’re performing in California on Friday and Seattle on Friday – the band aren’t due to come to the UK until September 2023.

Will the rockers perform at Glastonbury after their recent reunion?

Florence and the Machine 

Florence and The Machine has the whole Glastonbury weekend free in-between live shows in Milan on Thursday 22 June and Cork in Ireland on Monday 26. 

Florence Welch is a Glasto veteran and was first booked to play in 2007, for an 11am Sunday morning gig at the Tiny Tea Tent. 

She told The Times: ‘I was 20, it was my first time at Glastonbury, and I arrived on Friday with no wellies, no tent and the attitude that whatever happened, happened.’

Now, fans are hoping she’ll return as a secret act – the last time she performed at the festival was over five years ago in 2015. 

Florence and The Machine conveniently has the whole Glastonbury weekend free -fans are favouring the band to perform 


Many festivalgoers seem to think The ChurnUps is a reference to Pulp, whose reunion tour has a free slot on Friday 23 June. 

The current doubts surrounding Arctic Monkeys’ Friday night performance has left many wondering is Jarvis Cocker will step up on stage with his band. 

Pulp last stepped in for a Glastonbury headliner in 1995 when they replaced The Stone Roses on Saturday night after guitarist John Squire broke his collarbone. 

Many festivalgoers think The ChurnUps is a referance to 


The Sun reported that Hozier will play a secrets set over the weekend on the Woodsies stage. 

Hozier last played the festival in 2019 and is said to be performing at 7:30pm on Friday. 

The Irish musician has a large gap in his schedule and could easily fit in a Glastonbury appearance before his Berlin show on July 11.  

Hozier is reported to be performing at this years festival as a secret act, he last took the stage in 2017

Foo Fighters

The outlet also reported that the Foo Fighters would take the stage – speculating that the pseudonym The Churnups actually belongs to the American rock band. 

The performance would mark 25 years after their first Glastonbury set – if they are to take the stage. 

Guitarist Dave Grohl, posted an Instagram message that thanked fans for supporting the band on their return to the stage after the death of drummer Taylor Hawkins.

The heartfelt message read: ‘Every night when I see you singing, it makes me sing harder, when I see you screaming it makes me scream harder… When I see your tears, it brings me to tears…. And it feels good to see you, churning up these emotions together.’

Josh Freese and Dave Grohl performing in June 2023, they took a performance break following the death of their bandmate 

 Guitarist Dave Grohl thanked fans via an Instagram message for supporting the band on their return to the stage after the death of drummer


The Britpop band are due to play Dublin’s Malahide Castle on Saturday 24 June, but have two other days they could take on Glastonbury. 

Fans are speculating an appearance from the  90s legends as they announced their new album ‘The Ballad Of Darren’ and are hoping they make a quick stop in the West Country to promote it. 

RUMOURED: Fans speculate the Britpop legends as the mysterious band The ChurnUps listed on the Glastonbury line-up

The Black Keys

Though the Black Keys have been speculated to perform – their appearance is quite unlikely. 

Although Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney are currently on their Dropout Boogie tour which has a gap scheduled on Friday and Sunday night of the Glasto weekend – the rock band has previously claimed they will never play at the festival again. 

Carney told NME: ‘We got an offer from Glastonbury that was so insulting, we’re never going to play at the festival again.’ 

Dan Auerbach (pictured above) performing with the Black Keys – his band made said they would never perform at the Glastonbury again after an ‘insulting’ pay offer

Who is confirmed to play a secret set?

The Pretenders are revealed to have a secret set at the five-day festival – They will take the Park Stage on Saturday night 

Chrissie Hynde’s rockers have announced they are playing on The Park at 7.45pm on Saturday night.

The American musician promises ‘special guests’ and says ‘It’s always been there for most of our lifetimes. There has never been a festival like it anywhere else.’

On June 20, @secretglasto confirmed that The Pretenders would take The Park stage at 7:45pm 

Who were the secret performers last year?

George Ezra, Jack White and Bastille were among the main undisclosed acts of last year’s festival. 

Ezra was correctly predicted to perform after a photo emerged on Instagram of a sign marked ‘Gold Rush Kid, John Peel Stage -2pm’. The singer’s latest album was titled Gold Rush Kid, and Twitter account @TheGlastoThing connected the dots. 

The @Secretglasto account successfully predicted most of the secret acts in 2022.  

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