Will Smith, Martin Lawrence Film 'Bad Boys 4' Shoot-Out Scene

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are bringing some scarily realistic-looking action to an Atlanta neighborhood, where cameras were rolling for a violent scene from “Bad Boys 4.”

TMZ obtained this footage recorded from a building next to the ATL parking lot where the cast and crew worked on a shoot-out sequence for the upcoming sequel.

As you can see, it’s action-packed … with Will and Martin, AKA Detectives Mike Lowrey and Marcus Miles Burnett, respectively — at the center of it all.

The movie’s leading men are walking through the lot when they get ambushed with a hail of gunfire .. and try to take cover while firing back at the bad guys.

Bad Boys

While at least 2 of their fellow cops get taken out in the violence … Martin and Will appear to survive the action.

Hey, they are the stars of the blockbuster franchise, after all!

Remember, we first saw them filming a scene last week in Atlanta, and they were fully in character … with Will talking Martin off an 8-story ledge as he stood on the edge wearing a hospital gown.

Spoiler alert: They both survive this scene too. 😂

will smith martin lawerence bad boys

This 4th installment of the franchise is due in theaters next year, and the OG ‘Bad Boys’ came out way back in 1995.

Yeah, these guys have been at it for nearly 30 years, but they’re not yet shying away from filming some of their action-packed scenes.

To partially quote another famous buddy cop film — they’re NOT too old for this s**t!

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