Witney Carson is 'still in a diaper' two weeks after giving birth

DWTS pro Witney Carson reveals she is ‘still in a diaper’ nearly two weeks after giving birth to her first son Leo via c-section

Dancing With The Stars pro Witney Carson gave birth to her first son, Kevin Leo McAllister, on January 3. 

Nearly two weeks after the 27-year-old welcomed him into the world via c-section, she used Instagram to get candid about her healing process. 

Posting a selfie while cradling the newborn in her arms on Saturday, Carson shared that she is ‘still in a diaper,’ while adding that labor is ‘no joke.’

Still healing: DWTS pro Witney Carson, 27, revealed on Instagram Saturday that she is ‘still in a diaper,’ nearly two weeks after welcoming her first son Leo via c-section on January 3

Slipping on some comfortable clothes as her body still heals, she opted for a matching sweatsuit. 

‘Finally wearing real clothes but still in a diaper. healing from a birth is no joke!’

‘So proud of this body and what it went through to bring this angel boy into this world. We are absolutely in love with you little Leo,’ she wrote. 

Keeping her followers abreast of all the stages of the birthing process, she revealed on the day of Leo’s birth that she was in labor for 24 hours before the ‘unexpected’ c-section, to ensure the safety of she and the baby. 

Bouncing back: After a 24-hour labor and unexpected c-section, she shared her body is still raw from the process as she said ‘healing from a birth is no joke’; pictured January 4

Despite the hardship, she called Leo ‘the most precious gift,’ while revealing she had chosen the name, ‘after his grandpa who sent him down to us.’

By her side throughout the day-long delivery was husband Carson McAllister who she called ‘an actual angel.’

She shared photos of Carson rubbing her hand as she said, ‘Contractions are actual hell but the epidural is heaven.’ 

On Saturday she continued to share a birth video to Instagram after teasing it throughout the day. 

Patiently waiting: Her first delivery, Witney was aided an epidural to help with pain management as husband McAllister rubbed her hand throughout the process; January 3

A one minute compilation that featured the moments leading up to labor, and the first time she held Leo, she wrote:  

‘After 24 hours of labor, 2 1/2 hours of pushing, & an unexpected c-section we finally had you in our arms safe. This day was the hardest & best day of our lives. So in love with my little family.’

She continued to add, ‘Even though it was so rough I loved this day so much & would do it all over again.’   

Announcing her pregnancy on July 23, Carson had to sit out the most recent season of DWTS. 

Despite her absence, her fellow pros like Lindsay Arnold and Artem Chigvintsev – who also became first-time parents in recent months – were quick to congratulate her. 

Little Leo: Witney shared that her son’s name had meaning behind it as she and her husband chose to name him after his grandpa, as she sentimentally said he ‘sent him down to us’

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