X Factor’s Myles from Rak-Su on verge of tears as he opens up on his baby son’s stroke

X Factor star Myles Stephenson, who is a musician from the show's previous winning act Rak-Su, was fighting back tears as he opened up on his baby son having a stroke on Steph's Packed Lunch today, Friday 16 June.

The singer's little boy Shiloh was only diagnosed with cerebral palsy when Myles and his partner Keli, who also have a daughter named Sahara, realised there was a serious issue with their son.

Trying to hold it together on the Channel 4 chat show, Myles explained the couple hadn't "noticed anything" during the pregnancy or once Keli had given birth.

He said it ended up being around six months after Shiloh was born that both grandparents, who are nurses, realised something was wrong.

They noticed that the little tot was "clenching his fists" but as first time parents, Myles and Keli hadn't expected anything to be wrong.

"All I’ve known is that babies aren’t in control of their limbs, and we decided to go to a GP and get a little check up and see what was going on and then we got referred," the star went on.

"And many, many months later we got the diagnosis of hemiplegic cerebral palsy. We got told he’d had a stroke and that there is brain damage on the left side of his brain and you get shown the pictures, it hit home because you can see the damage."

Myles told Steph that since he's been going through the process of understanding his son's condition, he's been dealing with "demons" and anxiety over his son being ill.

“As much as I would love to take it all away and it be on me I can't do anything about it," the singer lamented. "So there was a lot of processing and a lot of re-finding ourselves and kind of re-evaluating.

“I was noticing that his muscles were really tight, his calf muscles really tight and his forearm wasn't rotating properly."

Myles also went on to explain that "little things" most people "take for granted" are really hard for Shiloh to learn at first, so he needs extra support with actions like picking up an object.

“The NHS have been unbelievable since diagnosis and just before that as well and we've had a very strong support [from] our family," he added.

Earlier this month, Myles announced to his fans that his son had been rushed to hospital after suffering from a stroke.

In a lengthy post, the star told followers “it wasn’t being told that your son won’t be the next Messi or Ronaldo that hurt", before explaining" "It was the thought that doing his laces, spinning spaghetti on a spoon or playing certain games with friends might be a challenge for him.

"The small things,” he continued in the gut-wrenching caption.

However, Myles then added that while his son “doesn’t know any different,” he “figures out how to do things in his own way.”

According to the singer, Shiloh’s brain damage can’t be reversed, but he insisted that he and his family are doing everything possible to “help strengthen the right side of his body.”

In the emotional post, Myles continued to gush over his son said he was "so proud" of his progress so far.

The star also told fans that he and his partner want to raise awareness of the condition and hopefully help any other parents who may be going through it, including sharing examples of what signs to look out for.

"The sooner you can find out the better it will be in the long run," the talented X Factor musician added at the time.

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