YK Osiris Denies Lying About Covering Funeral Costs of Teenager Who Died at Florida Amusement Park

When shutting down accusations about him using Tyre Sampson’s death for clout-chasing, the rapper unleashes a screen recording of a GoFundMe page which sees him donating $15,000.

AceShowbizYK Osiris has denied recent allegations brought by the family of a teenage boy who died at a Florida amusement park. Having been accused of lying about covering the funeral costs of Tyre Sampson, the “Worth It” rapper took to social media to set the record straight.

Making use of Instagram Story on Saturday, April 8, YK shared an alleged DM from Tyre’s mom, Nekia Dodd. In the text, Nekia told the emcee that “no expenses have been paid nor any contributions made.” She even told him to “tell everyone how [he] did nothing. And please do not show up to my son’s funeral.”

The 23-year-old later tried to offer a clarification before asking whether he should send the money to her directly or through a GoFundMe page set up for the teenager. In response, the grieving mom replied, “GoFundMe is perfect.”

YK went on to share a screen recording of the GoFundMe page which saw him donating $15,000. He then lamented in another post, “Why me ? I’m not even that type of person fr. I will never play around like that NEVER.”

“At the end of the day , im not no Indian giver, w.e I do from my heart is from my heart. God always has my back fr. This not bout me or anyone else, it’s about tyree. God gave me a job to do and I wanted to get it done asap,” he added in a follow-up post. “I love you and anything his mother need I’m here for her.”

YK offered his helping hand upon learning of Tyre’s passing in late March. Reposting an article about Tyre falling from a tower ride at ICON Park in Orlando, the hip-hop star wrote, “If anybody knows his family, tell them to DM me because I want to pay for his funeral cost.”

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