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SOME PARENTS think they’ll be preparing all of baby’s meals from scratch, but the reality is, you’ll need some baby food staples in the house, too.

Whether you’re running out the door or don’t have time to prepare a meal, pre-prepared baby food can be a lifesaver, as well as a great snack for your little one when you're on the go.

Once your baby hits six months (or slightly earlier, in some cases), your baby starts weaning and trying all different kinds of flavours.

Now comes the fun (and often rather messy) part! It’s up to you whether you choose to wean your baby with baby purees or whether you decide to go for baby-led weaning, where baby feeds themselves finger foods.

The best baby food brands typically have a variety of baby foods on offer to suit babies from the age of four or six months and upwards to even two years.

Typically, the best baby food brands offer organic pouches with no nasties or added sugars for on-the-go snacking in various weaning stages (introducing meat and more texture for older babies), as well as portable snacks like vegetable rings and rice cakes.

Many will also offer breakfast options like baby rice and porridge, that you can even add your own fruit or yoghurt in with, as well as a range of dinner meals that you can easily heat up so baby gets a good meal, wherever you are.

Here are the best baby food brands to have on your radar when you start stocking the cupboard.

1. Best all-rounder baby food brand: Ella's Kitchen

  • £14.65 for 11 Ella's Kitchen pouches at Amazon – buy here

There are a few reasons Ella's Kitchen rocks.

The pouches are available at retailers everywhere, from corner shops to big chain supermarkets, so you can typically sort baby whether you're in the park or you're in the middle of a National Trust visit.

The colourful organic pouches feature delicious flavours for weaners at all stages, from simple single fruits to Thai curries for more sophisticated older-baby palates.

The brand can also accommodate for a range of food sensitivities with dairy and gluten-free options (among others).

Ella's Kitchen also has a frozen range for Big Kids, featuring staples with a signature (cute) Ella's Kitchen twist.

Think cod fish fingers shaped like fish, chicken nuggets that look like stars and pea and squash mac-and-cheese bites. Although, your five-year-old will still happily inhale a Stage 1 fruit pouch at any opportunity.

2. Best budget baby food brand: Aldi Mamia Organic

  • £0.52p for beef casserole and vegetables Stage 2 Mamia pouch at Aldi – buy here

Parents love Aldi's Mamia food range, which features organic pouches, fruit pots, meals and snacks at unbeatable prices, that is very pleasing for your purse!

To give you a point of comparison, an Ella's Kitchen stage 2 beef stew pouch costs £1.50 compared with Mamia's similar beef casserole with vegetables, a snip at £0.55p. Some of the ingredients and recipes are similar and all come in the easily transportable pouch. Win-win!

3. Best supermarket-own baby food brand: Sainsbury's Little Ones range

  • £0.80p for organic porridge at Sainsbury's – buy here

Sainsbury's launched its own-brand range, developed with nutritionist Fiona Wilcock, in 2018.

A low-sugar, low-salt alternative in the competitive baby food market, it doesn't disappoint.

Designed to complement home cooking, the range includes pureed pouches, porridge and tasty dinners like chicken katsu curry and BBQ pulled pork – with a side of veggies, that you can simply add yourself for a quick and easy but also nutritionally delicious meal.

4. Best baby food brand for toddlers: Little Dish

  • £2.35 for chicken and veg risotto at Waitrose – buy here

Little Dish has a yummy selection of dishes for toddlers made with natural ingredients, no added sugar or preservatives and low salt.

We love the variety of flavours and meals available from chicken and vegetable risotto to chicken korma. It even includes some of the 'five-a-days' which are great for extra vitamins for baby.

5. Best for inspiring your own baby meals: Annabel Karmel

  • £1.10 for Organic Annabel Karmel Butternut Squash Broccoli Carrot & Chickpea at Ocado – buy here

For decades Annabel Karmel has been the queen of babies nutrition and has had many recipe books to help parents cook up a storm for their kids. Now, she's brought that same delicious taste from the supermarket to your home, and parents rave that their babies love the taste of Annabel Karmel's additive-free purees and chilled toddler meals.

The purees have inspiring fruit and veg mixes that will enlighten your own cooking, while the toddler meals offer healthy takes on favourites like cottage pie, beef lasagne, tomato and mascarpone pasta and fish pie. Yum!

6. Best baby food brand with jars: HiPP Organic

  • £1 for a jar of HiPP Organic hearty cottage pie at Boots – buy here

HiPP Organic jars tick all the boxes when it comes to tasty baby meals with organic ingredients. Steam cooked and picked when veggies are fully ripe, these neat little glass jars are great for all weaning stages.

Perfect for parents looking to cut their plastic use, they can also be reused as anything from vases to crafts table beads and felt tip holders.

7. Best for finger foods: Organix

  • £1.20 for Organix banana rice cakes at Tesco – buy here

When you need a snack, you need a snack! Organix is your go-to brand for those times when your out and about with babies and toddlers in tow –  with delicious rice cakes, puffed veggie crisps, baby biscuits they are a great go-to that also isn't packed with added sugar.

The brand also has a great selection of baby porridges in a variety of flavours.

8. Best brand for kids with allergies: For Aisha

  • £1.85 for Toddler tray meals at Ocado – buy here

For Aisha's gorgeous meals have amazing, exciting flavour combinations, natural ingredients, and are free from a lot of tricky items like dairy, nuts, soya and eggs (there are also gluten-free and veggie/vegan options). This is great for babies that may be intolerant to certain foods while also not scrimping on taste.

9. Best budget baby food brand jars: Heinz By Nature

  • £0.75p for Heinz cheese and tomato pasta stars at Ocado – buy here

Who doesn't love a bargain? Parents say Heinz by Nature meals is their "good to have in the cupboard" staple.

At less than £1 for a 200g jar, they're also great value for money so you can really stock up.

10. Best Shareable Snack: Organix Raspberry & Apple Soft Oaty Bars

  • Organix Raspberry & apple soft oaty bars, £250 from Sainsburys – buy here

With a no junk promise, Organix raspberry & apple soft oaty bars are a great on the go snack, that taste so good you will also want to eat one! Containing a blend of whole grain oats, raisins, apple juice and raspberry juice, they literally have no nasties in them and for babies that are learning to self-feed, these bars are a great size for them to grip onto. They are also soft and chewy so if your little one hasn't cut any teeth yet, these bars will easily melt in the mouth.


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