16 best high-waisted gym leggings to buy in 2022 | The Sun

COMFORT is key when it comes to getting the most out of your workout – so we've picked out the best high-waisted gym leggings that'll hold you in place whether you're in downward dog or doing some serious burpees.

If you're anything like us, you'll have long since discovered that a navel-grazing waistband is generally not the one when it comes to workouts and gym sessions.

The high-waisted silhouette on the other hand is far more practical: it keeps you feeling secure, doesn't run the risk of rolling down your hips mid-squat and it looks pretty darn adorable teamed with a cropped top or sports bra. What's not to love?

High-waisted leggings are great for other features too: think bum-shaping fits, tummy-smoothing panels and hidden pockets.

They also look good in and out of the gym, whether you go for classic black, a bold print or statement colour.

In need of some inspo? Read on for our selection of the best high-waisted gym leggings available to buy now.

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