7 Most Expensive Cigarette Boats In The World

Cigarette boats kinds of crafts are designed to compete in racing events. Though these boats are used for luxury these days, it was once used for the transportation of rum during the early days when the distribution of rum was prohibited. The smugglers used this boat because it was sleek and fast enough to outrun the local authorities.

Gone are the days when Cigarette boats were used for illegal purposes; these days, it is used for racing and boat enthusiasts who enjoy speed in the water. Boat engineers have put a lot of thought into the design of cigarette boats to have the optimum speed a boat can have; however, it also comes with a high price. Listed below are the most expensive boats in the world.

7 2009 Cigarette Grand Sport 49 ($432,306)

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The Cigarette 49 Grand Sport is a cigarette boat that is a big wave crusher and offers a comfortable ride. It is a vessel that is classified as a sports cruiser that makes time fast in between islands. This boat is diesel-powered that has a composite hull. It is a sleek and fast boat with a maximum speed of 100 mph.Cigarette Racing Team’s 49 Grand Sport will be the best choice for many racing participants at the poker runs because it has a pair engine of Mercury Racing HP 850 SCi Dry Sump Six. It also has a passenger space that is one of the roomiest boats with high performance for cruising.

6 2020 Cigarette 39 GTS ($600,000)

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2020 Cigarette 39 GTS is a 39 ft cigarette boat with a fiberglass hull powered by three Mercury 400R racing motors. One of the boat’s best features is the hardtop design, which grants the passenger a 180-degree view of the sea. This cigarette boat has a windshield that features aircraft-style that has a hard coat applied to it. 2020 Cigarette 39 GTS offers lounge seating with Garmin chart plotters with multiple seats on the helm for the pilot’s best control, comfort, and convenience.

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5 2020 Cigarette 42 ft GTO Reserve ($799,900)

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2020 Cigarette 42 ft GTO Reserve is a 42 ft cigarette boat with driving dynamics and exceptional maneuvering capability in the rough water. The boat also has an open enter console in its deck design with tall hull sides that keep ocean spray on the outside. This tall hull was made of composite materials. It is also powered by a quid Mercury 350 Verados or even a Mercury Racing 400 Verados that has a deep Vee hull for smoothly cutting in the water. It also has a 180-degree panoramic view with the luxury feature, making it feel like a yacht.

4 2010 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Cigarette Boat ($1.2 Million)

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Mercedes-Benz has made an SLS AMG Cigarette Boat in the year 2010. The cigarette boat is 46 ft and has an engine that boasts about 1,350 horsepower. This sleek boat has a maximum speed of 134.6 mph or 117 knots. The average speed for the boat while cruising is 110 mph or 95.6 knots. It is indeed a fast boat and suits those who enjoy speed in the water with a pocket full of cash that they do not mind spending a lot. Mercedes-Benz also equipped the boat with twin-turbocharged Mercury racing with a quad-cam four-valve engine that runs on a 92 Octane gas.

3 2020 Cigarette 42 Huntress ($1,211,186)

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2020 Cigarette 42 Huntress is a boat that combines speed performance with entertainment features that have a luxury cabin and a deck that is not a hurdle to the capabilities in terms of the boat speed. The boat is powered by a quad Mercury 350 Verados or a quintuple Mercury Racing 400 Verados. It also features a twin-step deep-vee hull made from composite materials, which accelerates the boat smoothly. The boat may seem like a cigarette boat best for racing competitions. Still, the interior was designed like yacht luxury: a lounge with a walk-around deck and many amenities seen in the luxury yachts.

2 2020 Cigarette 50 ft Marauder GTS ($1.8 Million)

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2020 Cigarette 50 ft Marauder GTS is a boat modeled after the Mercedes-AMG and the Mercedes AMG GT S 2016, a Cigarette Racing based on the 2016 road car. It is a Deep Vee hull that was made out of composite materials. The boat is powered by engines of two Mercury Racing 1550 horsepower. It has a maximum speed of more than 135 mph. The older versions of the boat in used conditions were sold for about $990,000.

1 2022 Cigarette 59 TIRRANNA ($3,890,000)

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2022 Cigarette 59 TIRRANNA is the most expensive cigarette boat on record but is yet to be launched. The 59 Tirana is a 2022 model but already accepting reservations for the boat purchase. Those who are interested in buying the cigarette boat must contact the sales headquarters in Bremerhaven, Germany. The boat is prohibited from being sold to United States residents while they are in the US Waters. The motor of the boat has a yacht class craft that features a fiberglass deep-vee hull with a total length of 62.43 ft. The cost of this cigarette boat is more than the previous model of the said model; the 2021 model of the 59 Tirranna was sold for $890,000 less.

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