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WHAT do you do if you've got hair coarser than sandpaper? Don't worry, the best straighteners for thick hair ensure that anyone can get star-worthy sleekness.

And thanks to the likes of Kim Kardashian and Bella Hadid, poker-straight hair is having a moment.

We've picked out our the best straighteners for thick hair below, so you'll be a real expert before you know it…

1. We've tested: Ghd Platinum

The Ghd Platinum hair styler is a game changer and it has two Best of Beauty awards to prove it.

The premium flat iron has a sleeker design overall compared to other models.

A little heavier and chunkier yet classy, it just feels like you have a quality product in your hands as soon as you take it out of the box.

The brand claims it’s the world’s first “smart” flat iron. In short, it's a fancy way saying the ceramic plates are fitted with three-sensors so it recognises the thickness of your hair and speed at which you are styling, and adjusts the power accordingly.

We can confirm that it will give you the shiniest of styles without causing any damage, although it's alway best to use any stylers with a protective spray.

With 1 inch ceramic plates and a max temp of 185ºC, not only does the controlled heat and power distribution make for healthier hair, but ghd also cuts your styling time. It took us less than 10 minutes to achieve the perfect curl – meaning more time in bed.

Its wishbone hinge mechanism ensures the plates are perfectly aligned, giving you the power to create bigger curls with more ease and control.

Thanks to it small speaker you’ll be alerted when the straighteners switch on, reach the correct heat or enter standby. They also switch off automatically if you leave them for 30 minutes.

With a three-year warranty, this is probably hair styling at its best, it’s just a shame not everyone will be able to afford it’s hefty price tag.

  • ghd platinum+ black styler with 3 year warranty, £189 from Ghd – buy here

2. We've tested: Cosmopolitan Argan Oil Straightener

  • Cosmopolitan Argan Oil Hair Straightener, £34.99 from Simply Be – buy here

They say beauty comes at a price but it doesn't necessarily mean you have to break the bank for each hair product you buy.

These straighteners are exactly what you need if you want to treat your hair for an affordable price.

Its ceramic plates are infused with Argan oil that will nourish your hair with vitamins A and E and other nutrients which will boost their shine and softness, leaving your hair feeling conditioned and cared for.

With five temperature settings ranging from 140C to 230C, you can start at a lower level and increase as needed depending on your hair's thickness and the weather outside.

Either way, it will leave you with both a sleeker look and healthier hair after each use.

Of course, bear in mind that it doesn't have all the fancy features that come with higher end models, but it will get the job done at a really good value.

Plus we also love its cute and stylish design – a white finish with hints of rose gold, giving the straighteners a super chic but professional look.

3. T3 Single Pass X Wide Plate Straightener

  • T3 Single Pass X Wide Plate Straightener, £165 from Beautybay – buy here

Thick, long or coarse hair? Go large.

These extra-wide 1.5-inch heating plates will see your bulky barnet super-sleek before you can say 'frizz-free'.

Digital heat technology means regulated and even spread of heat throughout the plates at all times, while adjustable settings mean you can really turn it up on wiry locks.

4. Cloud Nine Wide Iron

  • Cloud Nine Wide Iron, £159 from John Lewis – buy here

Designed to control the long, thick hair, this straightener has extra-wide ceramic plates so you can fit larger sections of hair in and not be there all day.

The mineral-coated ceramic plates minimise heat damage, while the temperature control, which allows you to choose from five different heat settings, ensures optimum results for all hair types (go hotter for thicker).

Wide plates mean more pressure on tighter curls for longer, so these are perfect for curly, thick, coarse, and afro hair.

5. Ghd Max Styler

  • Ghd Max Styler, £149 from Ghd Hair – buy here

Achieve salon-style results with this curl-controlling belter from the best of flat irons, ghd.

If anything's going to tame your thick tresses, it's this bad boy.

With two-inch wide plates, easier and quicker styling on long, curly or thick hair is just a wrist-flick away.

The plates are also floating, which means less snagging and frizz, and more shine.

The 30-second heat time and 30-minute sleep mode are just added bonuses.

6. BaByliss Keratin Shine Wide Hair Straightener

  • BaByliss Keratin Shine Wide Hair Straightener, £29.99 from Argos – buy here

Salon-sleek results are made possible to us all with these brilliant Babyliss flat irons.

Wide plates offer fast straightening on longer, thicker, curly and unruly hair, while a high heat of up to 235C will straighten the tightest ringlets.

Nano-ceramic plates seamlessly glide through hair for snag-free smoothing, while your straightener will be hot and ready to go in just 30 seconds.

The 3m swivel cord, meanwhile, makes styling at any angle super-easy.

7. Remington Pro-Ceramic Extra Wide Plate Hair Straighteners

  • Remington Pro-Ceramic Extra Wide Plate Hair Straighteners, £49.99 from Argos – buy here

You don't need to spend half the national debt to get your paws on a pro-worthy pair of straighteners.

These ceramic-coated sleek-stylers create breakage-free polished locks easily and ultra-fast.

The heat goes up to 230C, hot enough to tame even the thickest, toughest strands.

8. Kipozi Professional Hair Straighteners

  • Kipozi Professional Hair Straighteners, £24.99 from eBay – buy here

There are no tresses these Kipozi irons can't flatten.

The 4.5cm-wide titanium plates offer maximum contact when straightening hair and an even distribution of heat for a silky, shiny finish.

The adjustable heat temperatures go up to a smokin' 230C – perfect for smoothing and polishing a particularly messy mane. The rounded edges also mean you can create smooth, frizz-free waves, too.

The 2.5m swivel cord makes for easy styling – and the price makes for a happy bank account.

9. Dyson Corrale™ Straightener

  • Dyson Corrale™ Straightener, £399.99 from Boots – buy here

The Dyson Corrale™ is at a higher price point because of the flawless results it promises.

Uniquely equipped with flexing hot plates which shape to suit your hair, these straighteners can be used cord-free – they can recharge in 70 minutes -and offer precise heat settings of 165°C, 185°C and 210°C, depending on the thickness of you mane.

They even boast half the hair damage of ordinary straighteners. With a 2 year guarantee included, what more could you want?

What kind of straightener is best for thick hair?

Also known as flat irons, hair straighteners use heated plates to iron out the kinks in your hairs.

To make sure you don't damage your locks you'll need to choose one that is adapted to your hair's texture.

Those with thick, coarse hair will need a straightener that heats up to high temperatures quickly.

You should also pick one with large and wide irons, which will cover more surface and make it easier to style your bangs.

Are wide plate straighteners better for thick hair?

Thick hair can create some great curls, and a good hard working set of flat irons should be able to create no-frizz waves on your locks, too.

When buying straighteners for long, thick, curly or afro hair, it's best to choose wide-plate varieties.

This allows for maximum contact with the hair, and for more of your mane to fit in each time, meaning it won't take all day to style.

Is titanium or ceramic better for thick hair?

Titanium hair straighteners are usually considered better for people with thick hair, while ceramic are recommended for those with thin or dry hair.

That's because titanium hair heaters can reach high temperatures in very little time for a quick hair styling experience.

Their power and heat makes them ideal for women with thick, coarse and stubborn hair that need high temperatures for a proper straighten.

Those with thinner or fragile hair, don't need such high heats, and would be safer to stick to ceramic to avoid damaging their hair further.

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