A Peek Inside Offset’s Insane Jewelry Collection

Rapper and fashion sensation Offset is recognized for his flamboyant style and music. He loves high-end apparel and jewelry, and his collection is unique. His most prominent pieces are a diamond cross pendant with over 12 carats of diamonds, a Cuban link chain with over 60 carats, a Patek Philippe Nautilus watch with a diamond-encrusted bezel, and a handmade ring with his face.

He owns a Rolex Day-Date President, a Cuban link bracelet, a diamond grill, and a 35-carat diamond tennis chain. Offset’s collection is distinctive and reflects his style. Offset likes high-end materials and unusual designs. However, these costs are estimates and may change. Offset jewelry line shows his success and unique flair.

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8 Rolex Day-Date President-$50,000


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The Rolex Day-Date President watches a striking piece in Offset’s jewelry line. This iconic clock, made of 18k yellow gold and studded with diamonds, has been worn by numerous celebrities. The watch contains a date display and a day-of-the-week window, earning it the moniker President because multiple US presidents have worn it. The diamond-encrusted bezel adds a luxurious touch to the already luxurious watch. The Rolex Day-Date President is not for the faint of heart, with an estimated price of around $50,000, but it is a must-have item for anyone with a taste for luxury.

7 Diamond Cross Pendant – $70,000

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The Diamond Cross Pendant from Offset’s jewelry collection is beautiful. This ring is a stunning illustration of Offset’s distinct style and penchant for high-end materials. It is constructed of 14k white gold and contains more than 12 carats of diamonds. It’s a dramatic piece that makes a statement and can elevate any ensemble. This pendant is estimated to cost roughly $70,000. Yet, it is a small price for a genuinely iconic piece of jewelry that may be passed down from generation to generation. If you’re looking for a high-quality piece of jewelry to add to your collection, the Diamond Cross Pendant is a perfect option.

6 Diamond Grill – $100,000

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Offset’s diamond grill is a beautiful 18k white gold piece with over 20 carats of diamonds. Hip-hop artists often use grills, which cover the teeth. Offset’s diamond grill matches his expensive flair. It’s unique, showy, and opulent, showcasing his individuality and appreciation for high-end materials. This grill costs roughly $100,000. However, its value depends on the buyer. However, Offset’s diamond grill is beautiful and unique.

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5 Offset’s  Pendant (Raindrop) – $100,000

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Offset’s Raindrop pendant is a piece of jewelry that was created in collaboration with his wife, Cardi B, and the jewelry designer Elliot Eliantte. The pendant is made of white gold and is set with 22 carats of diamonds. The design of the pendant features a raindrop-shaped diamond at the center, surrounded by smaller diamonds in a circular pattern. The raindrop symbolizes the idea of growth and rebirth after going through difficult times, which is a message that Offset and Cardi B have expressed in their personal lives.

4 Cuban Link Bracelet – $120,000

The Cuban Link Bracelet by Offset is a beautiful piece of jewelry made from 18k gold and studded with more than 30 carats of diamonds. The bracelet is made in the traditional Cuban link style, and each link is carefully made to fit smoothly and comfortably. The diamonds give the bracelet a touch of luxury that sets it apart from other Cuban link bands. With an expected price of around $120,000, it’s clear that this piece is beautiful and very valuable. The Cuban Link Bracelet is just one of Offset’s many one-of-a-kind and high-quality jewelry pieces.

3 Diamond Tennis Chain – $150,000

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The Diamond Tennis Chain is one of Offset’s most prominent pieces in his jewelry collection. This beautiful 14k white gold necklace is adorned with almost 35 carats of diamonds, making it a true showpiece. The chain style is basic yet attractive, with a single row of diamonds that lends a touch of luxury and beauty to any outfit. While the estimated value of this piece is around $150,000, its worth extends beyond its monetary value. Offset’s unique style is reflected in the Diamond Tennis Chain, which inspires individuals who value high-end jewelry and the art of accessorizing.

2 Cuban Link Chain – $250,000

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Offset’s affinity for chains is well-documented, and his Cuban Link Chain is one of his most recognizable items. This 18k gold chain is adorned with more than 60 carats of diamonds, making it a dazzling and opulent piece of jewelry. The chain is versatile and can be worn with various ensembles, including casual athleisure and formal attire. Although this chain is estimated to cost around $250,000, it is evident that it is worth every euro. If you want to add a luxurious and iconic piece of jewelry to your collection, consider the Cuban Link Chain.

1 Patek Philippe Nautilus Watch – $300,000

Rapper Offset is among the many famous people that adore the Patek Philippe Nautilus watch. This premium clock’s 18k rose gold case and diamond-studded bezel exudes refined sophistication. The dials of the Nautilus line are characterized by horizontal grooves and octagonal bezels, making them stand out from the crowd. Patek Philippe’s dedication to quality makes the Nautilus well-known for its exceptional craftsmanship and precision. This watch, believed to cost around $300,000, is a true status symbol representing wealth and achievement. The Patek Philippe Nautilus is an impressive piece of craftsmanship and design that deserves to be admired by everybody.

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