Alig mom fears funeral costs will go unpaid because of ashes battle

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Weeks after his death, the agita over Michael Alig’s ashes refuses to abate.

As Page Six has reported, a war broke out between his mother, Elke Blair, and a group Alig’s Club Kid followers over what should happen to his remains.

Now Blair tells us that she fears that money raised to pay for his funeral expense is going to be returned to donors because of the brouhaha — leaving costs unpaid.

After he died on Christmas Eve of a suspected overdose, Alig pal Rachael Cain — who was part of Alig’s infamous Club Kid youth movement in Nineties — set up a GoFundMe page to raise the cash.

It brought in nearly $14,000 in donations from friends and fans of the Club Kid Killer.

The Club Kids believed they’d brokered a deal with Blair in which they’d get to keep a share of his ashes to install in Brooklyn’s famed Green-Wood cemetery.

But things turned nasty when they started to think that Blair had changed her mind and planned to take Alig’s body back to his native Indiana instead.

Blair told us she felt bullied by Cain (who denies the bullying), and Cain said that she only considered returning the money to donors after Blair threatened to ask GoFundMe to investigate her. (She denies any wrongdoing whatsoever).

Now Blair tells us, “I am now told that the organizer of this fundraiser wants to return the money when there are still expenses not yet paid and I have not even had a chance to think about a funeral for my son.”

But Cain — who says she now hired a lawyer to navigate the messy process — tells us she no longer intends to return the cash, adding, “I only want the best for Michael because he was a good friend. As much as I love Michael, I can’t believe I became the villain in this. I tried to help Elke. I’ve paid every bill that has come my way, but I can’t continue to be her banker. I want to send her the money and I offered to do it. So, for her to make that statement is simply it’s not true.”   

Cain also tells us that as far as she’s aware, she has already paid all of the funereal expenses from the GoFundMe account. She says she’s offered to give Blair the remaining funds.

Alig was jailed for killing Club Kid Andre “Angel” Melendez in 1996.

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