‘Amazing’ white chocolate cheesecake M&M’s on sale – and they’re 20% off

Chocolate lovers will be excited to hear that they can get their hands on some White Chocolate Cheesecake M&Ms.

With Valentine's Day coming up this weekend, you make me looking for the perfect present to get your lover, or yourself.

And if they're a cheesecake and chocolate fan – you need to look no further.

Popular Instagram account newfoodsuk has given it's fans a discount code to get 20% off the M&Ms, and its 203,000 followers are going wild over the news.

A photo of the sweet treats was shared on the Instagram page where food fans got to see them out of the wrapper.

This was captioned: "White Chocolate Cheesecake M&M’s! These are amazing, absolutely love White Chocolate M&M’s! Love the design of the packaging too!"

The Instagram account told followers to go to the Goodies Sweets website to get the 20% discount by using code NEWFOODIES.

Fans were loving the look of the M&Ms as one exclaimed: "Oh my God, I need to try."

Another added: "I am very interested in these," as a third claimed: "These sound amazing."

Cheesecake lovers also may want to try one of Asda's desserts this Valentine's Day.

The supermarket is selling a Belgian Chocolate Melting Dome dessert, which comes complete with dark hot chocolate sauce to pour over the milk chocolate dome.

The domes also has a chocolate heart filled with creamy vanilla cheesecake.

The scrumptious-looking pudding is part of Asda's Extra Special dine in for two for £15 meal deal.

Asda shoppers were loving the dessert online, with one exclaiming: "IT'S JUST OUTRAGEOUS!!!!"

Another added: "Ooooh yum I’ve ordered that with my £15 meal deal."

As a third simply wrote: "Yes please."

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