American’s review of mushy peas sparks heated debate

A clip has gone viral after an American student expressed disgust over the mushy peas traditionally served with classic fish and chip takeaways.

The clip, shared by TikToker @theasianusher, sparked a heated debate after the content creator revealed his American friend’s reaction to the staple side dish.

The video went viral with more than 33,0000 likes and garnered a lot of concern from viewers across the pond, who raced to share their disapproving thoughts in the comments.

“Taking my American friend to my local chippy,” he declared. “She’s been studying here for three years and she’s never had fish and chips bro.”

The American appeared indifferent as her friend opened the paper-wrapped takeaway, but her reaction quickly soured as he introduced the meal’s side dishes.

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A tub of green mushy peas was opened, and she immediately covered her mouth, before exclaiming: “This looks unappetising.”

When she eventually tried a spoonful of the puréed vegetables, she confirmed: “That’s so gross […]. American food is so much better.”

As it came to announcing the final verdict, the curry sauce was generously awarded a score of 10 out of 10, while the other mushy peas got a zero.

“Ain’t nobody need […] mushy peas,” noted the American.

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In the comments, the conversation rapidly descended into a general smearing of British food, with some describing it as the type of grub served in prisons.

“The audacity of him saying ‘you just don’t have taste buds’ after her trying that prison food,” one commentator wrote.

The review sparked a longwinded debate which saw several commentators wholeheartedly agree that mushy peas qualify as “baby food”.

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“Mushy peas are baby food!!!” quipped one person, while a third followed with: “Mushed peas is actually baby food tho.”

One viewer declared: “You had me at fish and chips and I’m having that later but you lost me at mushy peas.”

One person penned: “I thought y’all were playing a joke… it was supposed to be a joke… pls tell me the peas are just a joke the Brit’s a playing along with.

British commentators proudly stood their ground, however, with one exclaiming: “I CRAVE mushy peas,” while another said: “Mushy peas are god tier”.

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