Astrologer names star sign ‘most likely to cheat’ – a ‘master of disguise’

In western astrology there are 12 zodiac signs, all with their own unique personality traits and qualities – both good and bad.

One astrologer claimed that some zodiac signs are more honest than others, suggesting that there are certain signs who are likely to cheat in their relationships.

Louella Alderson, co-founder of personality So Syncd, stated: “The zodiac sign most likely to cheat in a relationship is Gemini.

“They are the master of disguise and can easily slip away with a few white lies.”

Gemini’s adventurous nature is a great trait generally, as it makes them entertaining and fun to be around.

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However, their desire for constant newness and adventure may sometimes lead to boredom and restlessness. 

Louella said: “Geminis love to explore and experiment, so they may look for variety in the bedroom or outside of it.

“They are also highly independent and crave freedom, which may make them more likely to stray.”

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Free-spirited Gemini is a “commitment-phobe” according to Louella, meaning they can “struggle to form long-lasting relationships”. 

And this sign has a knack for getting away with it too: “Their ability to adapt quickly and think on their feet makes them especially sneaky when it comes to dodging the truth about their escapades.

“The mischievous nature of this sign allows them to get away with almost anything.”

But just because they can, doesn’t mean they should. The astrologer advised them to use their smarts to make the best out of their romantic relationships – “not cheat on someone”.

Zodiac signs ranked by least to most likely to cheat

12. Cancer

11. Taurus

10. Virgo

9. Scorpio

8. Leo

7. Aquarius

6. Capricorn

5. Pisces

4. Libra

3. Sagittarius

2. Aries

1. Gemini

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