Astrologer says tonight’s ‘Ring of Fire’ eclipse will make people have more sex

Astrologers believe that lunar events can impact our everyday lives.

So it’s no surprise that they’ve been reading into the “Ring of Fire” solar eclipse that’s taking place today.

In the Northern Hemisphere on June 10, the moon passes across the sun and partially blocks out its light.

It creates the “Ring of Fire” effect that it’s named after – but it's 'fiery' connotations could have more than one meaning.

According to Rosie Smith, an intuitive astrologer and spiritual adviser, the celestial phenomenon will leave us feeling friskier than usual this evening.

While this could mean a night of passion, the Australian horoscopes expert warns that things may get a bit too heated for some couples.

Rosie told "There is going to lots of sex happening, but couples may also break-up because they may act on their emotions too quickly and too impatiently.

"On the other hand, talking things through that have been brewing for a while, and that have finally been resolved, could lead to sex.

“I’d imagine there's going to be lots of babies born nine months from now."

The astrologer warns to tread carefully if your relationship feels precarious though.

Apparently, lunar eclipses can spark “changes” in your life.

Rosie said: "Relationships may have broken up on the night (of the super blood moon) but couples are just as likely to break up now because it's about the action…

"The solar eclipse is in Gemini, this means that Gemini and other air signs Libra and Aquarius will also be affected and will need to have a good handle on their emotion.

"They are also doubly affected because Mercury is in retrograde in Gemini now and until June 21 making for lots of misunderstandings and miscommunications and problems with technology."

You’ve been warned, star-gazers!

Let’s hope we all get the good sex side-effects and not the fiery break-up…

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