Astrologer shares which zodiac sign will have ‘lucky month’ in November 2023

November is here and one star sign in particular will likely have a great month, according to an astrologer at Astrotalk.

Sagittarius’ luck is looking up this month, so this is the perfect time for this sign to channel positive energy and go after their goals.

The astrologer at Astrotalk said: “For Sagittarius, the month of November becomes a fortunate time filled with adventure and expansion.”

This sign will be anything but bored in the next 30 days. Indeed, Sagittarius has some incredible opportunities coming their way.

The astrologer continued: “This period resonates with their optimistic and adventurous spirit, opening doors for travel, higher education, and personal achievements.”

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Sagittarius, if you’re looking to book a trip, whether it’s near home or further afield, now is the time to do it. Request some annual leave and go explore.

If there’s a class you want to sign up to, November is a great month for this. Any projects or exams you have this month also come at a great time for you.

This month, Sagittarius should also look inwardly and think about any goals they want to achieve, in both their work and personal life.

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According to the astrologers at Astrotalk, Sagittarius is “adventurous” and loves to explore. Their inquisitive mind always has a question to ask.

Full of “optimism”, Sagittarius always likes to look at the bright side of life, finding a silver lining in even the most difficult situation.

Finally, this sign is fiercely “independent”. While Sagittarius has loved ones and enjoys the company of others, they are very self-reliant. Don’t try to hold them down too much – they’re addicted to their “freedom”.

Lucky month for each zodiac sign

Aries – March

Taurus – April

Gemini – May

Cancer – June

Leo – July

Virgo – August

Libra – September

Scorpio – October

Sagittarius – November

Capricorn – December

Aquarius – January

Pisces – February

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