Baby born in freezing condition in car park of local Premier Inn

There’s room at the inn! Couple’s first baby is born in an ambulance in the car park of a local Premier Inn in freezing conditions after they were turned away from hospital

  • Harriet Hanson and Adam Smith delivered their son in car park of Premier Inn 
  • Harriet, 25, attended hospital in Grimsby but was told to come back later 
  • The couple checked in the hotel rather than make 45-minute journey home 
  • Their son, nicknamed Car Park Charlie was born with help of hotel staff and 999

A baby born in the car park of a hotel after his parents were sent home from hospital in snowy weather is believed to be the company’s youngest-ever guest.

Charlie Smith was born in an ambulance outside the Premier Inn Grimsby after his parents, Harriet Hanson and Adam Smith, checked into the hotel rather than make the 45-minute journey home to Skegness, in Lincolnshire, in freezing conditions.

Harriet and Adam travelled to the hospital in Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire on February 7, but were told to return when she was in established labour.  

‘Car Park Charlie,’ as his parents have nicknamed the newborn, was born at 12.29am on February 8, weighing 8lb 3.5oz with the help of night team staff from the Premier Inn Mike Krofchak in an ambulance, on the hotel’s car park.

The couple said they believe the decision not to return home that night was ‘critical’ to the safe arrival of their first-born child.

Harriet Hanson, 25 and Adam Smith, 28, delivered their firstborn baby, Charlie, in the car park of a local Premier Inn in Grimsby on February 8. Harriet visited the hospital, who told her to come back when her labour was more established. The couple decided to check it at the Premier Inn rather than make the 45-minute long journey back to their home (pictured: Harriet in hospital with Charlie) 

Ms Hanson, 25, attended hospital in Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire, on the evening of February 7 after she began experiencing contractions but was told she still had a way to go and was advised to return when she was in established labour.

With heavy snow falls settling on the roads, the couple made the decision to stay close to the hospital and called the Premier Inn, where night team staff member Mike Krofchak confirmed that they could stay.

When Ms Hanson’s waters broke, Mr Krofchak helped the couple by calling 999.

The group were told they may need to prepare to deliver the baby themselves but paramedics arrived and Ms Hanson was taken to the waiting ambulance, where baby Charlie was delivered. 

Charlie, pictured, was born with the assistance of hotel staff member Mike Krofchak, who called 999 for instructions after Harriet’s water broke

Happy dad Adam. The Premier Inn staff joked Charlie was their youngest guest ever after he was born in an ambulance in their car park

A Premier Inn spokeswoman said that baby Charlie is believed to be the hotel chain’s youngest-ever guest and they are looking forward to welcoming the family back with a complimentary stay to show him where he made his surprise entry into the world. 

Ms Hanson and Mr Smith, 28, said: ‘We are so grateful for the care and kindness shown by the team at Premier Inn, especially by Mike, during our time of need.

‘The three decisions we made that night – follow our instincts and not return home to Skegness, find somewhere local to stay, and finally choosing the Premier Inn – were, we believe, critical in ensuring the safe arrival of baby Charlie.

‘To say you were born in the car park of hotel is certainly a story you will never forgot – we have even affectionately nicknamed him Car Park Charlie.’

Mr Krofchak said: ‘We welcome guests from all walks of life but baby Charlie is definitely the most unexpected.’

He added: ‘It is a real privilege to know I helped in some small way with the safe arrival.’

Mike, who told Harriet and Adam they could stay at the Inn and helped deliver Car Park Charlie, pictured, said he was honoured to have been able to help

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