Back off, Barbie: This human ‘Ken’ doll spent $14K on ‘plastic fantastic’ surgery

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Life in plastic, it’s fantastic — just ask the living “Ken” doll. 

Botox boy-toy Jimmy Featherstone, 22, has shelled out over $14,000 on lip fillers, cheek implants and veneers toward sculpting himself into Barbie’s handsome hunk of arm candy, Ken. 

And whether he’ll be paying with paper or plastic, the wannabe doll says his costly cosmetic transformation journey is just getting started.

“I have had lots of procedures done in the last 12 months but this is only the beginning,” Featherstone told SWNS. 

“If I had to describe what I want to look like, it would be a Ken doll. I just think he’s plastic fantastic and looks amazing.”

Featherstone, a native of Hull — which is a small city in northeastern England — works in his hometown as a director at a friend’s boutique. 

He left high school at 16, and — in true Barbie fashion — has since held down a number of jobs in order to earn enough money to pay for his Ken doll cosmetic procedures and pretty upkeep. 

“I have always been someone who wants to stand out from the crowd,” said the self-purported “diva.”

“And now I even want to look a bit more out there than I already do. I want to look more plastic — that’s the aesthetic I like.”

Featherstone gets his sandy-brown hair styled on a weekly basis, regularly spends over $400 on lip and cheek fillers and is gearing up to get a nose job in the coming months. 

And his high-priced physique comes with a high-roller’s lifestyle to match — including shopping sprees at Chanel and Moncler, Champagne lunches and helicopter rides just for fun.

Featherstone even threw himself a nearly $3,000 birthday extravaganza earlier this month. 

 “It was very classy and absolutely fabulous. Some people have compared it to a wedding,” he bragged. 

The swanky celebration was made complete with a three-tier cake, fireworks on entry, a bouquet of flowers laced with money and limousine transportation services. 

“I just love going all out and getting people talking. What can I say?” Featherstone said coyly. “If there’s a party I’ll organize a limo and get makeup artists along, it’s just what I enjoy doing. I like the finer things in life.”

And that goes for the men in his life, too. 

Featherstone is slated to appear in an upcoming UK reality TV series. He hopes to find love while filming — preferably with a silver fox who’s got a lot of green. 

“My ex was older than my dad, so people know me for being with older men. I’ve always been attracted to them,” he said. 

“I don’t think anyone my age can give me the lifestyle that I want, whereas someone who is older and has made their money can,” the Barbie-to-be added, noting that he loves to get all dolled up in designer clothes and be whisked away on lavish vacations.

And for any internet trolls turning up their noses at his Ken-inspired lip, cheek and nose jobs, Featherstone said: “The way I see it, if people are talking about me then I’ve done something right.

“I don’t care what people think or say. I’m doing what I enjoy.”

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