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GOING away with your little one? Then one fo the best travel cots is the perfect addition to take away on breaks, holidays or visiting relatives.

These lightweight and collapsible cots provide your little one with a comfortable night’s sleep, and at the touch of a button, they can easily fold away.

To make travelling that little bit easier, function is important when picking out a travel cot, as well as ease of assembly, price, size, stability, mattress and age suitability. Some even come with bassinets, bags, changing mats and more!

Travel cots range in price from bargain buys to more luxe versions and can be purchased from many online retailers such as John Lewis, Mothercare, Amazon and BabyBjorn.

The choice you make when buying a travel cot is down to your individual needs. You can even purchase cots with thicker mattresses and some double up as a playpen or pop-up garden cot.

We’ve tested the top travel cots for function, quality, and use…

BabyBjorn Travel Cot Light

  • Babybjorn Travel Cot Light, £261- buy here

A baby sleeping is serious business and with mesh sides from top to bottom, this super light cot has a unique lightweight construction. We loved that this cot took literally seconds to assemble by pulling out the edges and then turning it over. The loops at the bottom attach and then ouila! You have a super cosy strong cot.

Our favourite part of the cot was the ‘proper’ mattress which was thick and similar to a normal cot mattress, which is great if your little one loves extra comfort. We also thought it was great that the mesh sides made it easy to see in and out, which is useful if they are in a place they haven’t been to before.

As the cot goes up to age three it is of a higher age range than most travel cots, and that is probably due to its size, but it is still lightweight, coming in at just 6kg.

It also passed the ‘sleep test’ with flying colours as our two-year-old tester had no problems settling down in it. When he awoke he insisted on having some toys in with him so we think it would also make an ideal playpen too.

It does have a higher price than most, but we think it’s worth the price tag due to its good quality, luxe finish, and ease of use.

John Lewis Travel Cot

  • John Lewis Black Travel Cot, £50 – buy here

We love a cot that comes with a travel bag and the John Lewis premium Travel Cot certainly delivered. Arriving in a jet black zip-travel bag we found the lightweight cot easy to carry.

Measuring 60 x 120cm, this is a full cot, meaning it measures up to the same size as many standard cots. This is particularly useful if you want to transfer your existing bedding to use, meaning no extra sheets or purchases needed.

With push button collapsible sides, it is easy to open and close, but you have to remember which side button to press first!

Get the order right or the sides will not click into place, but once we had worked this out it was extremely easy, and took approximately three minutes to assemble.

The material is lightweight yet robust and once open, it felt very sturdy and strong. As it’s full size we think this would also make an idea playpen for a younger baby whilst there is ample room inside for a toddler.

The mattress is weighted meaning it gives extra stability and safety for you little one and we decided to add an extra mattress from a full size cot for further comfort. A high quality option for on the move sleeping!

Mothercare Colour Block Cot

  • Mothercare Colour Block Cot, £35 – buy here

When travelling or visiting friends, we can all get a little tired so if you want a super easy set up, then this is the travel cot for you. Suitable from birth to 24 months, or when the child can stand unaided, this colour block travel cot is a classic set up.

You simply click the sides and the cot collapses into place, which we found useful when setting up alone.

Featuring two mesh sides, it allows you to keep an eye on your baby at all times and also for them to be able to see out easily.

The mattress is sturdy with some light padding but is not as thick as a normal cot so you may want to purchase an addition mattress, depending what your little one is used to. The material is wipe-clean, which is great for any spills or accidents that may occur.

This travel cot shows you don’t need to spend a fortune for a quality item, and offers great value for money at just £35!

Hauck Play n Relax Centre

  • Hauck Play n Relax Centre, £94.99 – buy here

Is it a changing station, a play centre or a sleeping crib? This travel cot decided to casually encompass all three. Hauck have made this a complete set by adding in all ‘the essentials’ for when you’re on the go with your little one.

Similar to much of the others by using drop lock sides, it is essential to remember the correct order or you may find yourself in a pickle setting it up.

With padded edges and mesh sides to see out of it, we loved the additional side opening so your little one can crawl in and out when they are playing.

The travel cot has two levels to sleep at; a baby level bassinet and then a lower toddler cot. You simply unclip the sides to change the weighted mattress to the bottom to transform it.

The changing mattress is particularly useful if you are at somewhere new with baby, so you won’t hurt your back by bending over too low and can change anytime and any place.

It also comes with pockets on the side of the cot to keep all the essentials in such as nappies and wipes, so no fumbling around when most needed!

Red Kite Travel Cot

  • Red Kite Travel Cot, £29.99 – buy here

If you want a quality cot with incredible value for money, then take a look at the RedKite Sleep Tight Travel Cot.

Coming with mesh sides, a top padded rail and a simple classic design, this cot may have a bargain price but it doesn’t scrimp on quality.

The set up was easy enough, taking just under two minutes to assemble and it comes with instructions on how to use it. It has drop lock sides which you simply click upwards, meaning your little one will not be able to disassemble by pushing any buttons on it.

Fans cited the mattress as somewhat thinner than a normal cot but to be fair this is commonplace with travel cots and like some others, an additional mattress can be bought should you be using it frequently.

It is also one of the bigger cots on the market, with an impressive size, so your child will have plenty of room to move around in it.

As it is suitable until approximately age three, you’ll get plenty of wear out of it too, with it being one of the best price tags we’ve seen!

Graco Contour Bassinet

  • Graco Contour Bassinet, Asda, £60 – buy here

This Graco cot doubles up as a bassinet or a toddler cot, but take note, it is a large cot. One fan cited that it easily filled the boot of their car, with not much room for anything else.

We think it is always best to check the room you are staying in, particularly if it’s a hotel room, as you will want to be able to move around the cot freely with ease.

It sets up quickly, has mobility wheels and drop click sides which are known to be similar to other cots on the market. But with the Graco there is the addition of a bar at the base of the cot, which raises it from the floor to keep it cosy with no night time draughts.

The mattress has mixed reviews with some saying it is thicker than many travel cots whilst others thought that it could do with more padding. We say always check out the full product description as some children will want extra padding in their cot.

Due to its height this could also double up as a playpen, it definitely has the size for it, so is perfect for those grab-and-go moments!

What are travel cots used for?

Travel cots are used mainly as a sleep station for babies and toddlers when parents are visiting another house for a short period of time. This could be a friends, a relative or even a hotel where they need a comfortable place to sleep.

Up to age six months, it is recommended that babies sleep in the same room as you, so some cots come with bassinets also.

Typically, lighter than a normal cot, most travel cots are also wipe-clean with sturdy foundations so they will not tip over, even if baby or toddler is standing up.

Some cots are quality no-frills types simply used for sleeping while the more luxury ones can have changing mats, bassinets, thicker mattresses or be used as a playpen. Always check the measurements and type of cot you need with each individual brand to ensure you find the perfect addition for your little one.

What are travel cots suitable for?

Travel cots are suitable for babies from birth with some brands up to age 3.5. If the toddler can climb out of the travel cot, then it’s normally too big for it so brands do not suggest using them after this time. Obviously each child is different as to when they will attempt this, and some are more adventurous than others!

As well as sleeping in them, some travel cots can be used as ‘play centres,’ in which baby or toddler can sit in with a few toys and have some relaxing play time.

How do you put up a travel cot?

Travel cots are good for taking away to places, whether that be a hotel, friends, relatives or elsewhere, but it is always best to find the exact spot you want to put the cot in before assembling. That is because some travel cots may not fit through narrow doorways or the bedding may move if you assemble in a different room and then change spaces.

Once you’ve found the perfect spot, it is always best to check the individual instructions that come with a travel cot.

Although many have similar mechanisms with drop lock sides that click in place with a touch of a button, it is important to remember each individual brand has their own order to the drop sides.

If you do not follow the order correctly, you may be feeling confused or that the cot is not working properly! But fear not, it is normally just the order of the sides clicking into place.

Go back to the instructions or the brands website which normally features instructions or even a ‘how-to’ video.

The mattress is always the last item to go in and ensure it is fully slotted in with correct bedding.

How do you put down a travel cot?

After you’ve finished using the cot, it is best to remove all bedding first. This is because most travel cots come with a zip up travel bag, which is normally fairly snug at the best of times! Keeping the bedding on the cot may seem like a good idea but it’s more than likely it won’t fit in the bag again.

Simply remove the mattress after the bedding and click the buttons on the sides of the cot to dissemble before putting in it’s travel bag. Check the travel cot regularly to make sure they are no tears on the mesh or any other flaws.

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