Bloke dumped by girlfriend after Christians complain about his Halloween display

A Halloween lover has managed to not only angered Christians but also break from his girlfriend because of his love of spooky holiday decorations.

Vic Moriana has festooned his rented property with seasonal adornments including a crucified priest, a bloody middle finger and of course a pentagram. His elaborate display in Metairie, Louisiana, a suburb immediately west of New Orleans, US, has triggered a wave of religious protests, and a period of separation from his partner.

The 34-year-old, who aspires to own a haunted house someday, isn't backing down and told The U.S. Sun he refused to be be bullied or intimidated as it's something he loves. "A few angry Karens aren’t going to stop me," he said.

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In addition to their frequent protests, the demonstrators have been calling up Vic and his girlfriend's employers..

The situation was so stressful for his girlfriend that she asked him to take the display down – but he refused.

However Vic said he and his partner separated for the time being as the situation was causing too many problems for her work.

He added there had, however, also been a lot of love for his display, which has seen people coming from far and wide to catch a glimpse.

The lapsed Catholic says he talks with his neighbours every day and nearly every one of them love it.

He said there was only a handful of folks that aren't fans.

Putting together the display has also been a good bonding activity for Vic and his six-year-old daughter, he says.

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"She knows the difference between fake props that her daddy makes and real things," he said. "I wish a lot of adults that are freaking out could see things that same way."

Vic says he has maintained a level of respect for the protesters who regularly gather in front of his home with signs.

He says he doesn't mind the protesters and, if anything, they are just creating more publicity for the property – having the reverse effect from what they are trying to achieve.

Vic thinks it was the people trying to shut the display down that the story 'blow up' and he added that the display was simply meant to be frightening, not a grand ideological statement.

It just so happened that the religious vibe tended to be the scariest.

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