BMW drivers named the ‘worst drivers on the road’ in new survey

BMW drivers have been branded the “worst” on the road, according to a new poll.

Moneybarn asked 4,000 participants to name who they thought were the “worst drivers on the road”.

And a whopping 39.1% of responders argued that motorists with Beamers could do with more driving lessons.

The report said: "It's clear that BMW drivers have built up quite the reputation for them, hence the joke that BMWs don't come with indicators.

"And to hammer home how the rest of the public seems to think about them, a quick internet search for the term 'why are BMW drivers…' sees Google suggest results such as 'so hated', 'so arrogant' and 'idiots’.”

People with Audis were also slammed by the study.

In the survey, 14.1% of people called them the “worst drivers”.

The poll said: "With a reputation for tailgating, owners of the German automobiles are clearly better thought of than those of BMWs, although they're still clearly up there with some of the drivers that annoy us the most.”

In third place were white van drivers, who irritated 7.9% of participants.

Meanwhile, Range Rover and Ford owners received 4.6% and 4.2% of the vote respectively.

The study said: "Perhaps their lofty position gives Range Rover drivers gives them a sense of entitlement on the roads, or perhaps that's just an unfair stereotype from those of us suffering from SUV envy?"

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Tim Schwarz, Head of Marketing and Product Development at Moneybarn, reacted to the findings.

He commented: "It may come as a surprise that BMW drivers are disliked nearly five times more than white van drivers, as it's a common perception that white van drivers aren't the most accommodating on the roads.

"However, our research reveals that BMW drivers are the nation's least favourite drivers, as 39.1% of people voted them the worst drivers, followed by Audi drivers (14.1%).

"The white van is a common commercial vehicle which is well-known as the vehicle of choice for delivery drivers, builders, plumbers, key workers and more – yet 7.9% of people think they are the worst drivers on the roads.

"There's a common misconception that all people who drive a specific brand, such as BMW or Audi, are worse drivers, however it's all subjective and what you drive doesn't make you a better or worse driver!"

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