Bowser’s penis gets censored on Patreon after complaint

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What a bunch of c-blocks.

A fan mock-up of “Super Mario” character Bowser’s penis has been pulled off Patreon after its artist claimed that Nintendo complained the lewd depiction violated copyright laws.

“This peepee got claimed by Nin tendo,” tweeted AkkoArcade, who had initially created the “Super Mario” villain’s member for use in erotic fan fiction vids on Source Filmmaker, the Daily Dot reported.

The randy designer even included a highly NSFW pic of the deleted dong, which is encircled with a spiky ring reminiscent of Bowser’s dog collar, in the tweet.

AkkoArcade said that Patreon sent an email explaining the rationale behind the removal.

“The claim comes from Nintendo of America Inc., who owns the copyrights to the content being utilized in your posts on Patreon,” they wrote.

The Post has reached out to Nintendo for comment.

It’s unclear how the video-game giant discovered the tortoise’s tallywacker on a paywalled platform. However, AkkoArcade suspected in a subsequent tweet that the offended party could simply be “random people just claiming to be Nintendo” and that “Twitter and Patreon don’t really care.”

Nonetheless, Nintendo, which is notoriously strict about copyright infringement, has reportedly filed similar complaints on the video-sharing service in the past. “Lots of artists have been threatened off the platform or into submission for it,” one former Patreon contributor, who requested to remain anonymous, told the Daily Dot.

Some Twitter wits joked that Nintendo only protested because AkkoArcade’s Bowser phallus is super accurate.

“This is now the Nintendo confirmed Bowser c – – k,” wrote one social-media comedian.

“Therefor[e] making it canon, congratulations,” quipped another.

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