Brits share what they eat for Xmas Day brekkie – and there’s a favourite

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    A lot of people have different traditions when it comes to Christmas Day.

    Whether it be opening presents in your pyjamas or going for a festive walk to make room for you dinner, each family has their own unique way to celebrate.

    So it's no surprise that people like to eat different things for their Christmas morning breakfast. However, despite this, it seems like there is one clear favourite dish for many Brits to have on Xmas morning as they shared their preferences this week – salmon and eggs.

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    Now you make not think that fish is very festive, however it is according to many Asda shoppers, who said the dish is what they always have on Christmas morning.

    Many named salmon and eggs as their top choice after being asked what they eat on the day by the supermarket in an Instagram post. This read: "Let's settle this. What should you have for breakfast on Christmas morning?"

    "Smoked salmon, scrambled egg and champagne," exclaimed one person. While another agreed: "English muffin with scrambled egg and smoked salmon and a Buck’s Fizz." A third echoed: "Cream cheese and smoked salmon bagels every year," while a fourth also said they had "Smoked salmon eggs".

    However, despite seeming to be the favourite, it wasn't the only choice of Xmas brekkie for Brits. Many also said they liked a bacon butty on the big day, while some opted for a Full English.

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    Some ditched the savoury completely though and just went for some chocolate instead. "Chocolate, and then Christmas dinner at midday, spend the rest of the day in a food comatose, drinking and watching good TV," said one person. While another added: "Half a selection box and a Bailey's." A third also admitted they had 'a selection box at about 4am'.

    Those who are opting for chocolate on Christmas Day morning may want to head to Sainsbury's where one shopper claims the supermarket is selling off Cadbury's Christmas chocolate for just 20p. Now that's a festive bargain if we've ever heard one!

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