Car tax changes could see thousands issued with hefty penalties this summer

With restrictions slowly easing across the UK, more people are out on the road.

But did you know that you could risk yourself a hefty fine if your car isn't ready?

RAC experts have warned that drivers must make sure their car is "taxed, insured and ready for the road".

Expert Rod Dennis said SORN "meant very little" before the pandemic, but many have had to use it to save money.

Now thousands could be at risk if they're unaware of the strict rules around SORN.

When a car has been registered as SORN, it means it's taken off the road without tax and insurance.

Rod said: "Before the pandemic, it's likely the 'SORN' acronym meant very little to most people.

"But within weeks of the first lockdown hundreds of thousands of extra drivers had already stopped using their cars and made a SORN application to the DVLA.

"Now, with restrictions lifting we'd urge every driver who uses their car – no matter how infrequently – to make sure it is taxed, insured and ready for the road.

"It's vitally important drivers remember that SORN status only applies to vehicles that are unused and parked off public roads."

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The DVLA has confirmed drivers cannot keep a car which has been registered as SORN on a public road.

Vehicles must be kept in a garage, driveway or on a piece of private land at all times.

After declaring a car as SORN, the registered keeper will get a refund for any remaining tax.

And for those who want to remove it as a SORN vehicle must retax it and make sure insurance is in place.

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According to the RAC, driving a car which has been declared as off the road can result in a fine of up to £2,500.

The only time drivers can use a motor if it has been registered as SORN is if it's being driven to a pre-booked MOT appointment.

DVLA Chief Executive, Julie Lennard said: "Myth-busting aims to help motorists understand what they need to do with a vehicle when it is declared SORN, including taxing it before using or keeping it on the road again.

"It's really easy to check online if a vehicle is taxed. And motorists can even check by asking Amazon Alexa or Google Home. It takes just a matter of minutes to tax it."

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