Cheap lockdown date ideas to celebrate Valentine's Day at home on a budget

It’s tempting to treat Valentine’s Day just like any other day this year, what with the UK still being in lockdown.

But it’s still worth celebrating, whether with your partner, your family, or your friends.

Below, I recommend ways to make the occasion special while sticking to restrictions and not blowing the budget.

Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday this year, so there will be an opportunity to celebrate at some point over the weekend, whether it’s virtually or with the person you live with.

Here’s how to spend it.

Dress up

Prep for a stay-at-home date night by actually dressing up for the occasion.

Let’s face it, most of us have been spending most of our days in loungewear, which doesn’t feel particularly exciting. Chuck on something fancy and make yourself feel like you’re heading out, even if you’re just having dinner in front of the sofa.

Cook together

Pour a glass of wine and enjoy the process of cooking a meal together.

Grab a HelloFresh or Gousto box to deliver the exact ingredients and guide you through if you’re not a natural cook.

Order in some decorations

There are plenty of Valentine’s Day decorations you can buy affordably to transform your living space into a love inflated hideaway.

These double up as great entertainment for little ones the next day and serve as a great backdrop to snap a few photos together, too.

Move to a different room and ditch the tech

Spend the evening in a different room to normal.

Most of us will find ourselves on the sofa flipping through boxsets. Why not take your date night into your dining room or kitchen, so you don’t have the TV to distract you?

Ditch the screens so you can take the time to chat about what you’re looking forward to in the year ahead, or look through old holiday photos and reminisce over the memories you made.

Set up an at-home bar

Buy in spirits and ingredients to make your own cocktails at home, so you get the experience of going out for drinks without having to pay for the taxi home.

Get virtual

You don’t have to do another Zoom quiz, don’t worry.

Instead, try getting your friends together for a virtual pamper evening. You can book in a beauty practitioner, do a guided reflexology session, or just make your own face masks while you drink wine and have a catch-up.

Order in

Many restaurants are feeling a strain at the moment. If you can afford it, support them by ordering a meal for collection or delivery.

Bring the vineyard to you

Bring the vineyard to you – book a virtual wine tasting evening or grab a selection pack of beers to taste test over Zoom with your mates and chat about times gone by.

Try a virtual double date

Set up a game of Mr & Mrs or an escape room in a box to make things a little more interesting!

Make future plans

There’s nothing like having exciting plans to look forward to lift a restless mood.

Take the evening to plan out a trip you’d like to do with your loved one or friends once travel restrictions are lifted.

Grab some travel magazines or print out some pics from the internet to inspire you and lay them out in a vision board style creation to really help you visualise your upcoming trip and get giddy together.

Get crafty

Get crafty – send your bestie or your Mum a DIY biscuit decorating set and make them together over a video call. Not only will you have great fun doing so but you’ll have something delicious to eat at the end of it.

Embrace your inner child

Build a cosy fort together – fairy lights make everything romantic.

Get some board games to play in your den and some special treats to enjoy with your favourite rom-com after.

Whether you’re celebrating Galentine’s Day with your pals or cosying up with a loved one, I hope these affordable ideas will help inspire you to do something fun while we’re all stuck indoors.

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