‘Chrisley Knows Best’ Preview: Savannah Calls Chase A ‘Moron’ After A Fight With His GF

Savannah Chrisley gives Chase’s girlfriend advice and calls her brother a ‘moron’ in this EXCLUSIVE ‘Chrisley Knows Best’ preview.

Chase Chrisley and his girlfriend, Emmy, show up at Topgolf in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the Chrisley Knows Best finale and meet up with Savannah Chrisley and Elliott. “I screwed up with Emmy so I’m hoping that I can make it up to her with a fun group outing. She gets to have a fun day out, and it takes the pressure off me because, honestly, I’m just bad at apologizing,” Chase admits.

Savannah tells her brother, “It’s because you just always have to be right.” Chase says he has a hard time saying sorry. When Chase and Elliott go to get drinks, that gives Savannah and Emmy some time to chat. “It’s going okay. I’m just a little confused,” Emmy says about the current state of her relationship with Chase.

Emmy reveals she and Chase got into a “little disagreement the other day, and he invited me to Topgolf to kind of talk things through, and now it’s a group date with you and Elliott.” Chase didn’t mention that Savannah and Elliott would also be at Topgolf. “Chase is a moron. I would probably be pissed off, too,” Savannah says.

Emmy feels like Chase is “trying to avoid” talking to her. “It’s really frustrating,” Emmy adds. Savannah shares some wisdom about what she knows about her brother. If there’s anyone who knows Chase, it’s Savannah.

“I will say, it takes a lot for Chase to finally crack and talk, so dealing with him comes a lot of patience,” Savannah tells Emmy. “You have to let him know, hey, taking me to Topgolf is no way to solve the issues we have so if you were truly putting the time and effort into our relationship, that wouldn’t have happened.” The Chrisley Knows Best finale airs March 25 at 10 p.m. ET on USA Network.

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