Could your old Beano comic be worth more than £2,000?

IF you’ve got old Beano and Dandy comics hidden in the attic, they could net you over £2,000.

Dennis The Menace, star of the Beano, turned 70 this year and collectors are keen to nab rare editions and early annuals.

A 1940 Beano annual sold on eBay for £2,200 earlier this month.

New that year, it would have sold for just 12½p — or about £7.50 in today’s money.

These sought-after comics don’t even need to be in tip-top condition.

Currently there are listings for rare editions costing up to £7,000 but there’s no guarantee people will pay that price.

So what makes a comic book valuable?

Comics aren’t necessarily worth a fortune even if they are rare but there are certain things collectors will look for.

Malcolm Phillips, of Comic Book Auctions, said: “The better condition a comic is in, the more money it will sell for.

“Collectors are looking for clear, crisp pages with as little discolouration as possible, and with minimal rips.

“A comic will double in value if it comes with its original free gift or pull-out. That’s because, often, the original owner would throw the freebie away, making any extras a rare find.

“Finally, if few copies are known to be in existence, this will likely increase it’s value.”

If you have got a valuable comic, you could try to sell it yourself on eBay but it can be tricky to value them.

So, if you think it is really rare, use an auction house such as Comic Book Auctions.

Here are some of the biggest earners this year on eBay.

Cam and get smarter security

THE world is opening up and families are heading out – meaning burglars and pets can get up to no good.

Security cameras that link up to your phone are the answer.

Previously, they cost a fortune, needed expert set-up and suffered from limited features.

Now, they are affordable, easy to install and, because they are connected, get better with time as new features are added.

We have tested some of the best-value options– some that work outdoors as well as inside, and even one that reassures you the camera is disabled when you are at home.

SECURITY is front and centre with this one, which has a white shutter that snaps into place to cover the camera and disconnect the microphone. This way, you know that even if the camera was hacked, your privacy is assured.

Video quality is good and, as well as a microphone, there is a speaker so that you can challenge someone who shouldn’t be there or say, “Get down, Fluffy”.

Unlike some Arlo cameras which require a separate home hub, this connects wirelessly to your broadband router.

  • Arlo Essential indoor camera – £119.99, John Lewis

BECAUSE this camera has a battery, it is easy to set up, and it’s weatherproof so it can be used outdoors, too. The battery lasts for months at a time and the mount is highly adjustable.

It stands out for storage – video is kept online free for seven days, and it offers face detection for up to ten faces which most brands charge extra for.

  • Swann Wire-free 1080P security camera – £99.99,

THIS has real versatility, thanks to a magnetic base which attaches it securely and simply to a suitable metal surface. Alternatively, you can just stand the unit pretty much anywhere.

You can set it up so that when you walk through the front door, it stops recording and, when it spots your phone is no longer at home, starts recording.

  • Google Nest Indoor – £116, Currys

THE Blink Mini, part of Amazon, is a camera that’s tiny, basic and amazingly cheap. Though its image quality isn’t a match for the other cameras we have tested here, the Blink is very simple and easy to use.

Clips are saved in the cloud and the live feed is not continuous, but for the price, this is a great choice.

  • Blink Mini – £24.99 from Amazon

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