Dad fuming after wife lies about the sex of their baby

Expecting a baby is as exciting, as it is terrifying.

And for many, one of the milestone moments during those nine months, is finding out the sex of the baby.

But for one devastated dad, the gender reveal took a dark twist, when he realised his wife had been lying to him.

Taking to Reddit, the 35-year-old father-to-be explained: ‘During [my wife’s] first pregnancy appointments, I was on an essential business trip.

‘In my absence, my wife and her adopted mother attended the check-ups. Upon my return, she excitedly told me we were having a boy.

‘We invested emotionally and financially: a blue nursery, boy-themed items, even naming him after my late grandfather.’

The man also explains that he had a ‘tumultuous’ childhood and always ‘craved a strong, male figure’ in his life.

He said: ‘I never had that bond with my father and always envisioned having it with a son. My wife was aware of this deep-rooted desire.’

However, an off-the-cuff comment from his mother-in-law revealed the truth – they were actually having a girl, and the man’s reaction was pretty intense.

He explained: ‘My wife admitted she knew from the beginning but didn’t tell me, thinking she was protecting my feelings.

‘I was devastated, feeling the weight of past hurts and fresh betrayals.’

‘In my pain, I cleared out the nursery and, in a moment I regret, told her mother she wasn’t welcome at upcoming family events, seeing her as part of the deceit.’

He added: ‘I acted out of deep-seated emotions and past traumas. I love my wife and regret my reactions.’

But other Reddit users weren’t happy with his explanation, with many pointing out this he was projecting too much onto his unborn child.

‘Our children do not exist to fix us,’ wrote one. While another added: ‘Poor kid isn’t even born yet and is already being punished for not meeting his expectations.’

While a third said: ‘He destroyed his daughter’s future room in a fit of rage because she’s failed his expectations before she’s even born.

Others were shocked to read his reaction at having a daughter. ‘You packed up the nursery and basically screamed to the world that a girl child is valueless, not worth preparing for or being excited about,’ wrote one upset user.

Another said: ‘Maybe this is a good chance for you to reconsider your attitudes to sex and gender – because, spoiler alert, the baby doesn’t care what colour their clothes and blankets are.’

Ultimately, the takeaway for the original poster was to get some therapy, asap. One user summed it up nicely writing: ‘Go to therapy, like, yesterday.’

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