Dad with entire body tattooed promises ‘radical changes’ as he shares new ink

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    A man who's spent hundreds of hours on his tattoos revealed his latest procedure.

    Remy has dedicated a lot of time on his ink transformation – and it looks like he's far from over.

    The dad, from Canada, often delights his 208,000 followers on Instagram with updates of his body art.

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    Now in one of his most recent uploads on social media, the tattoo fan shared a glimpse of his black chest piece.

    He wrote: "More work on the colour on [my] black chest piece and a sneak peek of how [the] red velvet sleeve work is healing up.

    "Radical changes coming, stay tuned for lots more!"

    Remy vowed to not stop with his tattoo journey for ages as he's currently working on his third body suit.

    Unsurprisingly, fans were left gushing at the upload as one wrote: "Wow. The more you post the more this work takes life. I love it."

    Another added: "Just amazing! I'm obsessed with watching this artwork progress! Thank you for all the updates!"

    A third commented: "You body looks like velvet… absolutely fabulous."

    He's often assuring followers that he's nowhere near done with his transformation.

    Despite already spending over 1,200 hours in the needle chair and covering 96% of his body, Remy's working on a third body suit.

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    Recently in the two photos, Remy ditched his shirt to pose topless where he gave fans a glimpse of his torso artwork.

    On another occasion, he told Daily Star his plans for the "complete unknown" that's never been seen for his body art.

    He said: "The blackwork I'm doing has pretty much never been seen before.

    "Most people think white on black won't work, let alone colour and different shades of black on black.

    "We're working in the complete unknown and building new textures and a whole new tattoo style with my body."

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