Daily horoscope for November 11: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

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The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Chiron and Jupiter are all playing their part in today’s horoscope. Look out for the need to be extra sociable today and try not to be too hard on yourself. Express.co.uk reveals your horoscope, star sign reading, and zodiac forecast for November 11.

The Sun in Scorpio is square to the First Quarter Moon in Aquarius today.

Cafe Astrology said: “There is a crisis theme surrounding any quarter Moon phase, as we feel compelled to take action.

“There can be some trial and error or tension to manage now, although it can also help motivate us to make a move.

“Recent endeavours may face their first obstacles.”

While the Moon is in Aquarius, we want “intellectual stimulation and unusual or unconventional experiences”.

Cafe Astrology said: “Friends, community, groups, causes, and happiness goals can be in stronger focus now.

“Attraction to all that is new and unusual, and an instinctive need for improvement, characterise the Moon in Aquarius.

“Reactions are more intellectual than emotional, and interactions are more impersonal than personal, under this influence.”

While the Moon is in Aquarius, you’ll be drawn towards social gatherings, dealing with group ideals and goals for the future, brainstorming, new ideas, and progressive changes.

Cafe Astrology points out: “We are open to new methods of doing things and we have our eye on the future.

“It can be hard to stick to schedules now, as personal freedom is most important to us.”

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The Moon in Aquarius generally favours the following activities:

  • Unusual or radical undertakings
  • Social pursuits
  • Group projects
  • Trying something new
  • Joining a group

A Mercury-Chiron quincunx, also this morning, can introduce some misunderstandings, doubts, and hypersensitivity.

Cafe Astrology added: “However, With the Moon-Jupiter alignment this afternoon, we’re embracing our unique side or social life and reaching for our joy, seeking to grow, expand, and improve.

“Our imagination and idealism are active, and the desire to connect and make others happy is strong.”

The Sun in Scorpio is squaring the Aquarius Moon today.

Tarot.com said: “It’s not easy reconciling our minds with our hearts.

“Everybody may seem especially stubborn, and trying to reach a compromise could feel like a waste of time and energy.

“We might want to retreat and simply wait for all the resistance to pass.”

Luckily, The Moon teams up with upbeat Jupiter this afternoon, helping us find joy in unexpected places.

The site advises trying out new creative activities, sports, or love languages.

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