David Dobrik’s Vlogs: A Consistent Luxury Giveaway To Friends & Fans

David Dobrik is a famous vlogger who got his start on Vine, then on Youtube, and now on seemingly every social media channel imaginable. He’s known largely for his four-minute-and-20-second videos depicting his day-to-day life on Youtube. In the videos, he gets up to antics with friends (the “Vlog Squad”) and gives in-depth looks at some of the perks of having a successful influencer career. Basically, the videos serve as a highlight reel of his life.

He started modestly as a regular influencer and now he has grown to be a pop culture icon for many. Currently, he is sitting at 18.6 million subscribers on Youtube. With the money comes big purchases, and Dobrik’s home featured in the majority of his vlogs is currently worth $2.5 million per Business Insider.

Car Giveaways

In addition to his own income, Dobrik has given a lot to many others. Namely, his friends have all seen their net worth spike as a result of Dobrik’s generosity. However, Dobrik likes to provoke a reaction from his friends when he gives them gifts, so most of them may wonder how genuine these gifts are if they are for the video.

According to Dobrik’s vlog, he first gave his three childhood best friends three brand-new Mercedes cars. His friends could not believe it and it took a while to persuade them to acknowledge that they now owned these cars.

Later, the Youtube star gave his friend Jonah a BMW M3, which was his childhood dream car. However, Dobrik had some fun with the gift by giving Jonah a toy car as a joke before giving him the real one. Per the BMW website, the car is worth about $70,000.

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After Jonah’s new gift, Dobrik looked for the next opportunity to award a car to another friend. His next opportunity came when his friend, Erin, had her car stolen, so he also surprised her with a brand new whip.

Put simply, the social media goliath loves to surprise his friends with cars. With so many friends getting a car, it must seem like only a matter of time until they all have a new vehicle.

That being said, Dobrik didn’t just give cars to his friends. He also gave cars to the parents of his friends. One time, he helped his friend Jason buy a new Mercedes for his mother, who had been driving the same car for the last 20 years. In typical Dobrik fashion, they surprised her with the new car and Jason’s mother burst into tears.

The old Vine star then proceeded to get new cars for his father, a friend after he came out as gay to his family, his assistant, and gave a Tesla to his other friend Alex.

Eventually, he even started to give out cars to his fans. The first one he gave away went to a fan that Dobrik randomly ran into at Target. The fan also got a new haircut, suit, and Mustang after Dobrik had told him that it was only a rental.

Other Extravagant Gifts

One of the sillier gifts that Dobrik bestowed on one of his friends was a gift of free burritos for a year from Chipotle, as it was his friend’s favorite place to eat. Needless to say, he also got him a car.

Later on, he helped one of his friends buy a new Ferrari. Then, he gave a Jeep Wrangler to his friend Jonah’s sister. Finally, after being a co-star in hundreds of his Youtube videos, Jason got his own car. The car was a black Tesla. In fact, in order to give Jason the Tesla, Dobrik drove several hours in secret to give him the new car.

The chronic gifter went on to hook up his friend Heath with a new blue Lamborghini. Most recently, he gave a baby blue Ford Bronco to his assistant Noel.

David’s New Career

Since then, Dobrik has almost completely dropped off Youtube. Since last spring, Dobrik has only posted two videos on his Youtube channel. The move appears to be linked to the outbreak of the Coronavirus. Dobrik’s vlogs largely contain stunts, feats, and public events that are currently impossible due to the outbreak. He’s maintained a trickle of content through TikTok and other social media channels but it appears that the gifting has had to take a pause.

How long will Dobrik’s absence from Youtube continue? With fewer videos, more friends and acquaintances go without Dobrik’s hospitality. After such a long time, though, one has to consider if Dobrik has largely finished with his traditional vlogging and switched gears to a new, permanent way of life.

The implications of the change could mean an end to Dobrik’s constant flow of gifts to friends, family, and fans. Needless to say, fans are clamoring for the return of the four-minute videos and the return to the norm. His friends and family should also be hoping for a return to normal. Overall, the fans want more entertainment and his family and friends are likely hoping for a bigger chance to see their net worth spike. Will Dobrik return to the way it was? One can only wait and see.

Source: Youtube, Business Insider, BMW, Twitter

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