Deadly animals perfectly camouflaged in videos as many viewers can’t see a thing

Amazing footage and pictures show how fearsome animals can be perfectly disguised with sneaky camouflage that makes them almost impossible to detect.

Daily Star has found a selection of some of the most head-scratching instances of animal subterfuge, ranging from impressive, to awe-inspiring, to downright creepy.

Nature lovers had a challenging time trying to locate the clever beasts, even if they were pretty sharp-eyed, thanks to a mix of brilliantly designed markings and the background scenery.

Armed with sheer strength along with the element of surprise, it's no wonder these hunters are so adept at stalking and killing their prey.

Coyote vanishes into the background

An astounding video, playable at the top of this page, shows just how accomplished the coyote is at hiding from its prey.

The wolf-like canines live in North America and are considered top predators, eating rabbits, birds, rodents, and even snakes.

In a clip filmed in Yosemite National Park, a coyote lurks in the background behind TikTok user and nature photographer @willawanders who confessed she "didn't see it at first".

The coyote is perfectly matched with the grassland surrounding it and only becomes visible when it moves around.

When it is still, the pattern of its furry coat blends seamlessly in with its background.

"No cheating. How did you do?" she asks her followers.

People admitted it had them stumped and one commented: "Wow that's amazing".

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Snake waiting to strike

In this clip, uploaded on TikTok by user Bob Ferguson @fascinature he films an apparently normal grassy bank next to a pond.

"Find the snake," he says in the on-screen caption.

There are leaves and twigs lying on the ground and, as he holds the camera closer, nothing jumps out of the scenery, reptile or otherwise.

It's only when he is just inches away and pointing it out that the snake finally becomes visible thanks to its ingenious pattern.

The snake, which presumable normally hunts frogs and small mammals, is thankfully coiled up and resting but it is still alarming how successfully it can be practically invisible.

Lion appears out of nowhere

In this heart-pounding scene, a zebra was minding its own business in the savannah when a lion appeared as if out of nowhere and hunted it down.

The video, uploaded on TikTok by user @hvswildlife, shows the innocent zebra ambling through the grass away from its herd.

It looks perfectly safe ahead and there isn't a sign of any danger or even another herbivore.

Lightning-fast, a lioness suddenly darts out of the yellow grass and charges at the zebra, quickly joined by other members of the pride who slash their claws through the zebra's coat.

The unfortunate prey animal is left pinned to the spot and bleeding from its wounds when another lioness lunges for its jugular.

"Excellent camouflage," said the TikTok user, and other impressed viewers were quick to concur.

"A coordinated attack," wrote one.

Someone else commented: "Excellent hunting technique."

Spooky octopus uses a disguise

This image shows the smallest animal on this list and probably the one most likely to kill a human – the blue-ringed octopus.

Masters of disguise, the critters also contain enough venom to kill a human with a single bite and there is no antivenom, according to Animal Planet.

In footage recorded by Rob Peatling and shared on TikTok by @octonation, the octopus uses props taken from its surroundings to hide.

The bizarre animal can also change the pattern of its skin at will and so it perfectly matches the rock it huddles against and is all but invisible.

All of a sudden, it lurches out of its hiding place and turns bright blue and spotty before moving location and resuming its creepy disguise.

In the caption, the channel remarked: "Totally didn’t expect this! A blue ring octopus was using both tools and its body to camouflage!"

Other viewers sounded equally awed, with one confessing: "Those are so pretty but if I saw one I'd probably be terrified."

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