Dean McDermott's Sober House Thanksgiving, BAG Calls on 90210 Cast to Include Tori Spelling

Brian Austin Green calls out Jennie Garth specifically, and possibly the full cast of Beverly Hills 90210 by proxy, for not inviting Tori Spelling to publicity events as she reportedly faces massive debt amid marital troubles.

The name Spelling may be synonymous with millions of dollars, but that doesn’t translate down to Tori Spelling, who has seen her financial standing decline amid the collapse of her marriage to Dean McDermott. That’s why Brian Austin Green is calling on the Beverly Hills, 90210 cast to do more — or at least Jennie Garth.

Spelling and estranged husband McDermott’s marital troubles came to light with a breakup statement back in June, with him later admitting that it is almost entirely a result of his alcoholism. Just ahead of Thanksgiving, McDermott shared to his Instagram that he would be spending the holiday at the sober living Freedom House.

Dean McDermott Details DRUNKEN RAGING at Tori Spelling & KIDS That Led to Suicide Attempt

In it, he said he was thankful for his new sober friends, his sponsor and his children with Spelling, which includes Liam, 16, Stella, 15, Hattie, 12, Finn, 11, and Beau, 6.

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The new video comes on the heels of McDermott admitting that his alcoholism was a huge part of why his marriage failed. Speaking with The Daily Mail earlier this month, he said that he would have drunken rages that would “petrify” his wife and children.

In the interview, he took full responsibility for what went wrong, saying that “all Tori’s ever done to this day is want me to be happy and healthy, and I inflicted a lot of pain and damage on that woman.” He said that it would be his biggest amend to try and make that right.

While McDermott has been making amends and trying to right himself through sober living, Spelling has been on her own challenging journey. After finding out family illnesses were due to a mold infestation, Spelling temporarily lived out of an RV with her kids and a motel before reportedly finding a rental home.

The couple are also reportedly moving toward divorce, with McDermott currently involved with someone else. He also said in his tell-all interview that he hadn’t seen his estranged wife or children in five months.

Dean McDermott Says Tori Spelling's Mom Candy Put Strain on Relationship Before Split

Spelling has not publicly spoken about her marital issues nor her reported financial woes, but former Beverly Hills, 90210 cast member Brian Austin Green is speaking out on her behalf. She hasn’t weighed in on that, either.

Nor, as of publication, has the specific target of his question or anyone else in the cast of the show that defined a generation and helped put the nascent Fox network on the map.

Taking to his Instagram Stories, BAG shared a snippet of Jennie Garth promoting an upcoming event she was going to be a part of, but it wasn’t the specific content he cared about. Writing on the video, he asked, “How come you don’t involve @torispelling in any of this?”

It’s not explicitly clear that Green is calling out the whole 90210 cast or just Garth, but his use of the phrase “any of this” suggests he’s referring to all of these types of sponsorship opportunities that cast members are often invited to be a part of.

Most of these types of events are paid sponsorships for celebrities. Of course, it’s possible that Spelling has declined to be a part of these types of things and is content to live her somewhat more private life with her children. Or she could just be too busy with her five little mini-mes to even consider such opportunities.

Dean McDermott Says He 'Petrified' Tori Spelling, Kids with Alcohol Rage as He Breaks Silence on Split

On top of that, it’s not even entirely clear what Spelling’s financial situation is, though it’s clearly a far cry from what it could be. Her father, and 90210 creator, Aaron Spelling, reportedly died with a net worth of approximately $600 million. Tori and her brother Randy reportedly received only the smallest fraction of that, with the remainder going to their mother Candy.

During that same tell-all interview where he opened up about his role in the downfall of his marriage, McDermott called out his mother-in-law for leaving her children high and dry financially while she has so much.

According to The Blast, Spelling has been hit with a nearly six figure bill for back taxes covering four different years from 2017 to 2021. It’s unclear how much Candy has or has not contributed to her children financially since her husband’s passing.

“It’s your daughter. It’s your flesh and blood and it’s your grand babies,” said McDermott of his wife’s estranged mother. “And for someone who is so blessed to have so much, it would be really nice for her to share with her daughter.”

McDermott also said that he finds it sad that his mother-in-law is missing out on her five “beautiful” grandchildren. McDermott and Spelling first announced their separation in a since-deleted Instagram post on his page back in June.

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