Denim socks? You need to get your feet into the trend of the season

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If you woke up this morning and thought ‘I want to wear Dwayne Johnson’s socks’ then boy is today your lucky day.

And if boring white and black pairs dominate your sock drawer, it could be an opportune moment to draw inspiration from impeccably dressed celebrities such as Daniel Craig, Stanley Tucci, David Harbour, Tom Hiddleston, and aforementioned legend The Rock and get your trotters into the increasingly popular denim socks from the London Sock Co’s latest collection.

We should make clear: these aren’t socks made out of denim, so please don’t think your feet are rocking a teeny-tiny pair of jeans – we’re referring to the colours, which are in dashing shades of blue.

Starting from £14 each when purchased as part of a box set, London Sock Co. is rapidly emerging as the go-to hub for striking pairs of socks that were made to grab attention.

And it doesn’t hurt that every celebrity and their dog has been seen wearing the threads as of late. Joe Jonas? Yep. Rob Lowe? You betcha. Bryan Cranston? Ok, we’ll stop now.

These socks have starpower. So, naturally, you will, too.

London Sock Co. Dash of Class Denim 6-Pair Box

Made from soft, stretchy cotton in denim and refined blue shades, these are designed to relax and calm the wearer and those around them.This set of socks come in a range of stunning blues that will seamlessly slip into your sock drawer and step up your style in one fell swoop.

London Sock Co’s denim collection offers an effortless way to elevate your style and get compliments without being too trend-led, specialising in unique colours and patterns.

This collection is crafted with the intention of giving your body and mind a feel-good boost. In fact, scientific research has demonstrated that the use of denim blue can effectively induce a sense of relaxation and stability.

But looks are only the half of it, as shoppers say the London Sock Co garments are softer on the skin and more breathable than anything else they’ve ever worn. And breathability means less odour. So you’re welcome.

London Sock Co. popular pairs

The Denim 3-Pair Box

A trio of laidback blue pairs for all occasions, there’s a mid wash denim, a light wash and the unique Ottaway Style pair.

Ottoway Style Denim Socks

These socks are the most adventurous of the six-piece denim collection but are still very laid back and effortlessly cool.They feature a modern sartorial take on an iconic Prince of Wales check in a classic light and dark denim mix.

Simply Sartorial Denim Socks

The Sartorial collection was where it all began for London Sock Co, and they’re now available in 22 colours, including denim.Knit from the finest Scottish Lisle Cotton, they sit mid-calf for a comfortable fit for your feet and lower legs.

They’re also made from a finely knitted, signature stretch-cotton blend material and hand-finished to ensure they last longer than your average pair of socks, making them even better value for money.

Whether you buy a pair individually to test the fit and feel or try a set, all are beautifully packaged to make you feel like a celebrity from the moment the socks arrive.

And BTW these socks aren’t just for the fellas – these are designed so anyone can rock a pair of these finest on their feet.

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