Depop customer labelled ‘petty and cold’ after they leave savage 1-star review

You would think if you provided a good service, then the review would reflect that.

However, one Depop seller was left with a bad review from a customer – despite doing nothing wrong.

People branded the move 'cold' and 'savage' after an exchange between the pair was shared online.

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A screenshot of their conversation was shared on popular Twitter account Depop Drama and quickly went viral – racking up more than 265,000 views.

The message, from the buyer, read: "Hiya, thanks for the quick delivery, love the leggings.

"Although you did nothing wrong, I have decided to give you a negative 1-star review to teach you the universe is arbitrary and unfair.

"Sometimes not everything goes our way in this world and we have to learn to deal with it xxx."

People were shocked over the message, as one person branded it "cold".

Another added: "This is how petty some of y'all be."

While a third branded it "unhinged behaviour".

A fourth chimed in also calling the move "savage".

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The Twitter account is known to share shocking and humorous goings-on from the peer-to-peer selling app.

Earlier this week, people were left giggling after one seller said they needed more time to send an item.

They apparently claimed they were 'upset by the current Phillip Schofield drama'.

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