Doctor freaks out women by revealing sex organ ‘has tentacles’ to catch eggs

A doctor has put women straight on bad biology lessons that taught them their ovaries are attached to the fallopian tubes.

Dr Karan Rajan, an NHS bowel surgeon, says the typical diagram of a woman's reproductive system is completely wrong and the fallopian tubes actually have "tentacles" that catch eggs when they are released by the ovaries.

This is why pregnancy can occur outside of the womb and in the pelvis.

He says in a recent video: "Your biology class lied to you about women's health.

"Remember this diagram showing the ovaries, Fallopian tubes, and uterus? It's wrong.

"Fallopian tubes are not attached to the ovaries. They lie very close, but they are not touching.

"The eggs from the ovaries are released directly into the abdomen and it's the job of these little tentacles on the Fallopian tube (the Fimbriae) to sweep the eggs inside.

"Sometimes this can go wrong, the egg can actually miss the Fallopian tube and settle somewhere within the abdomen."

Ectopic pregnancy has a 95% chance of occurring in the fallopian or 5% in the abdomen, according to Dr Karan's diagram.

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The video has been watched more than 2 million times since it was uploaded on Sunday (October 31) and people were gobsmacked.

One woman confessed: "I think I was better before I knew I had tentacles."

"I've become hyper-aware of my tentacles and I don't like it," a second person said.

Someone else said: "OK, I feel like endometriosis makes slightly more sense after seeing this?"

A fourth person commented: "I was also told after my ruptured ectopic and salpingectomy (surgical removal of a fallopian tube) that my remaining tube can reach around to the other ovary. Mind blown."

Another shared: "Yup I also got told this after mine. It did freak me out lol."

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