Donald Trump Jr. Has Strong Words For Mitt Romney

It is a well-known fact among just about everyone who follows U.S. politics that there is no love lost between former President Donald Trump and Senator Mitt Romney. The two may have planted the seeds for some kind of relationship back in 2012, but that plant withered in 2015, after Romney criticized Trump for comments he made about Mexican immigrants. The battle between two grown men even unfolded over social media in a manner unbecoming for adults of their stature (via The Hill).

But now that the former president has lost his social media voice, it appears his namesake, Donald Trump Jr., has taken up the cudgel on behalf of his father. The former president’s namesake has come out swinging on both Twitter and the video site Rumble over what he thinks will be the Utah senator’s vote in favor of President Joe Biden’s COVID-19 relief package. The video which features Don Jr. ranting against Romney is posted on Twitter with a single caption that reads: “Isn’t it time for Mitt Romney [to] just become a Democrat once and for all?”

Republicans are struggling to oppose the Biden rescue plan

The New York Times reports that it has been difficult for GOP lawmakers to muster any opposition to the bill because 7 in 10 Americans are said to support the Biden plan, including Republican voters themselves. The American Rescue Plan, which is currently estimated at $1.9 trillion, is, as Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen explains, a necessary expenditure to “address the pain this [pandemic] has caused.” Included within the financial breakdown for the plan are stimulus checks, unemployment payments, and millions of dollars devoted to COVID-19 research, testing, and vaccine distribution (via The Wall Street Journal). 

The responses on social media to Don Jr.’s video have been decidedly supportive of Senator Romney, with one Twitter user sending the politician a shout out at Don Jr.’s expense, saying, “THANK YOU!! MITT ROMNEY, FOR DOING YOUR JOB THAT IS ABOUT PRINCIPLE, AND SERVING THE PEOPLE…INSTEAD OF SELF SERVING POWER (sic)”. Another tweeted: “I wouldn’t consider Romney a Democrat, and neither would he, but I wouldn’t consider your father a Republican , or a Democrat, he’s doesn’t fit into either category. I can’t think of any other American President, Democrat or Republican who would’ve incited an insurrection.”

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