Drivers warned error behind the wheel in summer could land them £70k in charges

Millions of drivers are being warned of breaking a motoring law this summer.

Motorists could be forced to pay £70,000 in fees if they're caught drinking or driving behind behind the wheel.

The Institute of Advanced Motorists stats a drink or drive conviction could reach a huge amount due to financial loss.

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On top of fines, drivers would be ordered to pay solicitors fees, increased car insurance and loss of earnings.

Northamptonshire Police warned those who cause death while under the influence are likely to face a prison sentence.

Motorists could be locked up for 14 years while those who haven't hurt anyone might still face six months behind bars.

Also those caught out will be slapped with an unlimited fine and a substantial driving ban.

Inspector Ian Wills, spokesperson for Northamptonshire Police Roads Policing Team, said: "We know people think they're good drivers and it won't happen to them.

"However, that is what others have also thought who have ended up in our cells, in hospital or worse. It only takes a few seconds to have a collision which can change your life forever.

"It is not our intention to stop people from having fun, our intention is to try and ensure that everyone gets home safely by stopping a selfish minority being reckless and irresponsible on our roads.

"Also, if you know you will be drinking and relying upon another driver to get you home safely then please ensure that they stay drug-free and sober. Drink or drug driving is simply not worth the risk."

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He claimed catching drug and drink drivers is part of their daily business, every day of the year.

"So our message is simple," he continued.

"Make the right choices this summer and never drive when you've had a drink or when under the influence of drugs."

The warning comes as Northamptonshire Police plan to crack down on enforcing safer roads.

From Monday, Roads Policing officers will be joined by the Force's Safer Roads Team to reinforce the message.

Last year, data from the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) revealed over 75,000 drug and drink offences were recorded in 2021.

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