Dude With Sign keeps protesting about everyday things during pandemic

Dude With Sign does the pandemic! Viral star continues protests with gripes including people not wearing masks properly and posting too many home workouts

  • Seth Phillips is behind Dude With Sign Instagram account with 7.4m followers
  • He has continued sharing snaps of himself with signs in the streets of New York
  • One sign protests about normalising ‘Zoom calls with the camera off’ 
  • He also protested about wearing a mask over your nose as well as your mouth 

He roe to fame as the Dude With Sign, airing gripes about everyday problems, such as people standing up as soon as the plane lands to replying all to company-wide emails.  

Now Seth Phillips, who is behind the 7.4 million-strong Instagram account, has been protesting about irritations throughout the pandemic. 

He has been sharing snaps of himself with signs in the streets of New York since October 2019, and has also been seen holding signs with celebrities such as Justin Bieber and Vanessa Hudgens. 

More recently, Seth has added a mask to his outfit, with Covid-themed signs, including normalising ‘Zoom calls with the camera off’ and saying that on Halloween there is ‘no excuse’ not to wear a mask.  

Seth Phillips, the man behind the Dude With Sign Instagram account which boasts 7.4 million followers, has continued protesting annoying everyday things during the pandemic, including ‘normalise Zoom calls with the camera off’ earlier this month

Just before Halloween last year, Seth swapped out his usual cotton face covering for a mask covering his whole face as he said there was ‘no excuse to not wear a mask on Halloween’

Last week, Seth draped a line of Durex condoms over his shoulder and stood in front of a white wall with a sign reading: ‘A condom is just a mask for your penis’ 

Seth shared another snap last July with the sign saying that ‘your mask goes over your nose too’ as a man wearing his mask under his chin walks past 

With gyms closed, more people have been working out at home during the pandemic, but Seth protested from the comfort of his home for them to stop posting their workouts online

After almost a year of lockdowns and cancelled live music shows, Seth protested about ‘just wanting to go to a concert’ 

At the beginning of February, nearly a year after cinemas closed, Seth wore a green hoodie and a black mask as he stood with a sign saying: ‘I miss the smell of movie theater popcorn’ 

As people are using more hand sanitiser more often to keep their hands clean while out and about during the pandemic, Seth used his sign to ask who was putting ‘cheap tequila’ in them

Last April, Seth stayed at home and leant out of his window to share his sign as he told people to ‘stop posting’ their old travel pictures

Six days into the new year, after holding a sign last year which said ‘2021 will be our year’, Seth stood with a cardboard sign saying that ‘2021 resolutions are not going well’ 

Earlier this month, Seth took to the streets with a sign which said: ‘$1000 phones should not shatter so easily’ 

Standing in Manhattan, Seth shared a snap of himself using his cardboard sign to remind citizens to drink water that day

As Twitter introduced its own version of Instagram Stories, Seth took the opportunity to protest that not every app needs a Stories feature

Keeping it simple, Seth simply wrote ‘*you’re’ on the cardboard sign as he protested people who didn’t know the difference between your and you’re 

Another sign read ‘Everyone deserves a drink’ as Seth stood in the streets of New York last November 

In another post, Seth stood next to a black electric BMW with a sign saying that ‘no one’ is impressed when someone’s care has a ‘loud engine’ 

At the end of last year, Seth’s sign said that ‘we get it, you listen to music’ as he shared a picture on his Instagram of someone walking past with earphones in

Standing with his hood up and a black face covering, Seth protested getting stuck behind people walking slowly in the street, as he said: ‘Stop walking slow on sidewalks’ 

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