Everything you need to know about The Kardashians season 4 news and storylines

After an impatiently long wait, Kardashian-Jenner fans were delighted when the mega famous family dropped season three of their hit Hulu reality show, The Kardashians.

While the first ep has been available to stream on Disney+ since the 25th May, unfortunately, viewers will have to wait until Thursday for their next fix.

From then, episodes will drop weekly until the season finale, which should be the 27th July, considering the series has 10 episodes.

So far, there’s already been plenty of tears and tantrums, which means viewers can expect way more drama and classic Kar-Jenner Kontent for the foreseeable.

FromKhloé finally revealing her baby nameand experiencing a health scare, to Kim getting candid about her ex husband,Kanye West , there’s also been a few funny moments, including the opening footage,which left viewers either cringing or in hysterics.

But while we wait for episode two, let’s look ahead to the future – specifically whether or not there’ll be a season four. From possible storylines to when it might premiere, here’s everything we know so far…

Will there be a season 4 of The Kardashians?

Kardashian fans, we have major news. Only this month Kim and Khloé confirmed that Hulu had greenlighted the show for another 20 episodes after season three.

The news came as the sisters attended the annual Disney Upfront event in New York City.

What this means is that there’s scope for a season five, too, because each series so far has had 10 episodes each. Exciting!

When will season 4 of The Kardashians be released?

Considering season three only just dropped last week, we’re not expecting another series for a while yet. Probably not until next year at least.

The show so far hasn’t stuck to the same time frame in between seasons, either, so it’s pretty hard to navigate when to expect it.

Season one premiered on the network on the 14th April 2022, while season two didn’t come out until the 22nd September the same year – that’s a five month gap.

Season three then took another eight months to drop.

However, as soon as we know anything, you can be sure we’ll update you.

Are there any potential season 4 storylines?

At this point, it’s all speculation. But there has been big news in the Kardashian-Jenner world recently, all of which would make for great plots and storylines.

If we were to guess, season four might cover the relationship rumours betweenKylie Jennerand actor Timothée Chalamet, plus Kendall potentially dating musician Bad Bunny.

Not to mention the news of Kim being cast in the latest season of American Horror Story.

Whatever they decide to include in the confirmed 20 eps, we can guarantee it’s not going to be boring!

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