Expert reveals the correct way to deep clean your bathroom

Out of all the rooms we have to clean in our homes, the bathroom is usually the most frustrating.

It can be difficult to know where to begin and how to clean it properly.

Thankfully, one cleaning expert is here to make our life easier by showing us how to have our bathroom gleaming in just six steps.

Cleaning expert, Caroline, from the US, shared her method on her TikTok account, @neat.caroline.

In the clip Caroline says: ‘Here’s how to clean everything in your bathroom.’

She begins with the shower door. Using a solution of white vinegar and water, she sprays the door to get rid of pesky watermarks.

If you don’t particularly like the smell of vinegar, Caroline advises people to use an all-purpose cleaner instead and a microfibre cleaning cloth to wipe it down.

Next, she moves onto the toilet. For this stage of the process, she cleans the bowl with half a cup of hydrogen peroxide to disinfect it. To do this thoroughly, let it soak for 25 minutes before scrubbing.

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While soaking, use an all-purpose cleaner and rag to wipe the surfaces and seat.

She recommends using the same products to clean the sink, but say if yours is particularly grubby and stained, use a damp sponge soaked in baking soda and dish soap to scrub.

For taps, use a vinegar and water solution or rubbing alcohol. Dry with a microfibre cleaning cloth.

When it comes to bathroom floors, use a dry dusting mop to collect any dust and dirt. Finish with a spray mop for shine.

You can also get on your hands and knees using an all purpose cleaner and a rag for a harder and more thorough clean.

Finally, Caroline cleans the bathroom mirror using the same vinegar and water solution and wiping dry with another microfibre cloth.

Those in the comments were seriously impressed at Caroline’s cleaning prowess.

‘I love how you always use safer and less expensive products,’ wrote one viewer.

While another simply added: ‘Thank you!’

Meanwhile, if you are looking to get rid of pesky bathroom mould, why not try this simple hack that only requires some kitchen roll and bleach.

And if watermarks are the issue, one woman shared how Rain-X – a sprayable substance that keeps water from collecting on car windshields – and a microfibre cloth can get rid of them forever.

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