Experts share tips to transform your bathroom into the ultimate at-home spa

Our houses have now become multi-purpose areas for working, relaxing, sleeping, socialising, and everything else we do.

That’s why it’s so important to ensure there are parts of our homes we can kick back and step away (physically and mentally) after a tough day.

Spa days and other relaxing pursuits are off the cards for the moment, so turning your bathroom into a space where you can pamper and feel calm is a great idea to fill in that gap.

Richard Roberts, Director of  Sanctuary Bathrooms, comments: ‘The bathroom is an often overlooked area of the home that can provide a real sanctuary for stressed out homeworkers, homeschoolers and anyone in need of an escape from the relentless news cycle and monotony of working from home.

‘Seeing your bathroom as a relaxing haven within your own home can give you a place to truly slow down and take some time for yourself, lowering your risk of burnout.;

To help you harness some of that zen for yourself, Sanctuary Bathrooms has compiled their top five expert tips to transform your bathroom from everyday basic into the ultimate soothing hideaway. 

Get the spa look 

You don’t need to change the fixtures and fittings to achieve a spa-quality look. Paint tweaks and accessories are the first step to a bathroom that’ll chill you out.

Richard says: ‘In terms of decor, make sure you have plenty of light walls, and wooden or bamboo features to recreate the natural spa look. 

‘Try bringing the outside in with house plants and natural light. Not only are plants lovely to look at, adding greenery into a room can help oxygenate the space and be mentally stimulating too.

‘If you have a larger budget, the pinnacle of luxury for the ultimate 5* bathing experience is a freestanding bath; perfect for a long soak.’

Inhale calm, exhale stress

The scent of your bathroom is key to an overall mood, so choose sprays, oils, and bath products that’ll make you feel how you want.

Lucy Ackroyd, Head of Design at Christy comments: “’f you’re looking to destress, try rosemary scented products. If you’re struggling to sleep, lavender is a well-known slumber inducer.

‘Alternatively, citrus scents are perfect for refreshing yourself on tired mornings and cucumber is perfect to sharpen and invigorate your senses.

Richard  adds: ‘Mimic individual spa zones by adding a different scented oil to your basin. Try mixing a few drops of eucalyptus oil with hot water and deeply inhale the steam vapour to recreate that steam room feeling.“’

Wrap yourself in luxury

Nothing will kill your vibe more than a tatty towel once you’ve had your pamper session.

Richard says: ‘Invest in underfloor heating to create warmth that comforts your toes as you get out.  Make sure you have an electric or heated towel rail within close proximity to the bath, as well, to instantly wrap your body in a warm hug.’

Obviously this isn’t an option for everyone, so if you’re renting (or don’t have the money) switch up your soft furnishings.

Lucy adds: ‘Choose high-quality cotton towels to provide absorbency, durability and that coveted cosy texture. I’d recommend choosing a towel collection and coordinating this with your bath mat and a matching bathrobe for ultimate opulence. 

‘Having bought good quality towels, laundering them properly is essential to hold onto that plush feel. Check the care guide on the towels, but washing between 40 and 60 degrees is usually best, followed by a gentle tumble dry cycle. Finish by air-drying to give them an ultra-fresh feeling.’

Food for relaxing thought

In the past year, Pinterest has seen a 60% increase in searches for the term ‘bath tea recipe’, meaning more people are feeding their bathwater with homemade concoctions of oat flour, dried lavender buds and cacao butter as key favourites. 

As well as giving your bath wholesome treats, why not nourish your own taste buds with spa snacks, like grapes or berries, or pour yourself a warming cup of herbal tea, rejuvenating flavoured water or even a relaxing glass of wine or two?

Richard comments: ‘A great addition to make the relaxation process as carefree and simple as possible is to add a bath tray to rest your drinks and snacks on. It saves the annoyance of sitting up from the tub and leaning over the top to reach for your bathtime goodies.

‘Bath trays are also super practical for saving space in smaller bathrooms. Not only can they display your plants, candles and toiletries, they also work as an effective stand for books, tablets and mobile phones in case you want to unwind with a novel or a Netflix series in the bath.’ 

Peaceful playlists

Although catching up on true crime playlists or watching the next big drama in the bath is tempting, they won’t help you switch off.

Richard recommends: ‘If you live in a quiet area, have the window open whilst you soak so you can truly tune in with nature. Replicate a spa’s zen garden by listening to the relaxing sound of birds tweeting and the wind blowing.

‘Or try sitting in the bath when it’s half-full and listen to the running water as it fills up around you. 

‘If you want to switch off from the world, tune into a spa playlist and listen to tranquil chimes and gentle shushes of relaxation music to help you forget the outside world, which can be done through a bluetooth mirror.

‘To accompany your meditative state, switch off the overhead light and turn on some side lights, add some candles or use the dimmable illumination around your mirror, and switch the colour temperature to cool.’

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