Face Halo Pads Review – can they really remove your makeup?

IF you're fed up with constantly being back at the checkout for bottles of makeup remover and bundles of face wipes, then Face Halo might just be your favourite skincare saviour.

Apparently, all you need is a drop of cold or warm water and Face Halo's reusable pads will remove your makeup or fake tan with their HaloTech fibre strands. Don't believe it? We tested them out…

Face Halo pack of three

  • Face Halo pack of 3, £17.95 at Amazon – buy here


  • Remove makeup without product (even mascara)
  • Soft and gentle on your skin
  • Eco-friendly as they're resuable


  • Not enough for a full cleanse, have to follow with face wash
  • Must properly wash them after using

Are reusable cotton pads worth it?

Over 20 million single-use makeup wipes are chucked in the bin every day, and 7.6 billion pounds of them are thrown into landfill – reusable cotton pads are quite literally worth the earth.

In terms of their effectiveness? Well, we tried out Face Halo's reusable pads after a day wearing a full face of makeup. First of all, we were impressed with the softness of their fluffy texture, which stayed just as smooth when wet, gently cleansing our skin.

After one round of wiping our face, our makeup was coming off easily without any product, just warm water. A real result for sensitive skin.

It feels a bit unhygienic that you can see your makeup on the sponge as you continue to wipe it off though, but it definitely removes all makeup including mascara – we used a clean one afterwards to test and there was no remnants on the pad!

However, we later saw acne-positive influencer Louisa Northcote swearing by Face Halo pads after using an oil cleanser, so we tried that the day after and saw improved results as the Face Halos weren't so dirty afterwards.

We were shocked with how quickly the body pad removed our fake tan too, with both a soft polish side and an exfoliator side. And the new precision pads were great for removing unwanted mascara mistakes when doing our makeup.

The only downside is that you will probably be more comfortable washing them in the washing machine than simply using soap and hot water if you're removing a lot of makeup and definitely after removing fake tan, and you will need to follow with cleanser to properly clean your face.

As you can just wash them and reuse, they're bound to save us a lot of money in makeup removers though, and it feels good helping the planet too.


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Are Face Halo reusable pads good for skin?

Face Halo pads definitely feel good on your skin as they're softer-than-soft, as the fibres are 100 times finer than a human hair, so they're gentle and don't require scrubbing hard or dragging your face.

If you find that makeup remover or wipes can irritate your skin then Face Halo pads are definitely a good idea, looking after sensitive skin well.

The Face Halo's HaloTech fibres remove makeup and clear your pores better than wipes do.

How do you wash reusable cotton pads?

Face Halo states that you can simply wash the cotton pads with soap and water straight after using, but although some of the makeup does come off, this isn't enough to fully wash the pads as they still look a murky white shade after using.

Use the other side after using one side in the same wash, then we recommend putting them in the washing machine with a white wash for good-as-new results.

They can withstand up to 200 machine washes before they lose their softness, so if you use them every day then they'll last you over a year!

Where can I buy Face Halo's reusable pads?

Face Halo's popular reusable makeup remover pads retail at £18 for three, whereas the larger body makeup remover pad is around £18 for one, and the new precision pads are £24 for four.

As an emerging cult favourite in the industry, they're available at lots of beauty retailers around the world, from Korea, Japan and Hong Kong, to the U.K., Australia and Europe.

Here's where you can shop Face Halo:

Face Halo pack of three

  • Face Halo pack of 3, £17.95 at Amazon – buy here

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