Felix & Paul Studios Take VR Users to Space With Full ‘Blue Marble’ Trilogy (EXCLUSIVE)

Montreal-based studio Felix & Paul Studios wants to send VR users to space, embedding users in the heart of the International Space Station with the three-part immersive series “Space Explorers: Blue Marble.”

Giving users the opportunity to experience the awe-inspiring Overview Effect – the profound experience of witnessing our planet from a far, and in orbit – “Blue Marble – Orbit 1” is screening as part of the Best of VR showcase at this year’s Venice Immersive. Variety can now exclusively share a first-look at “Orbit 2” and “Orbit 3.”

Rounding out the “Space Explorers: Blue Marble” trilogy, both new installments follow NASA astronaut Megan MacArthur as she mans the ISS Cupola Observational Module from inside the International Space Station, opening the shutters to reveal the sun rising over the Earth’s horizon, and offering a whole new perspective on our pale blue dot.

“In the realm of immersive storytelling, innovation isn’t just about employing new technology, but about crafting experiences that resonate at a profound emotional level,” says Felix & Paul co-founder Paul Raphaël. “With this trilogy, we’ve merged groundbreaking cinematic techniques with an astronaut’s viewpoint. This is storytelling that doesn’t just show, but deeply immerses and moves the viewer, with the goal to inspire every individual who journeys with us.”

“We aim to transport audiences to the unique vantage point of space,” adds fellow co-founder Félix Lajeunesse. “The Overview Effect has the power to reshape how we see and appreciate our planet. Through our collaboration with NASA and the astronaut crew aboard the International Space Station, we have the privilege to invite the world to share in this profound sensation, fostering a collective reverence for our home.”

On top of the “Blue Marble – Orbit 1,” Felix & Paul Studios also has “Jim Henson’s The Storyteller: The Seven Ravens” competing in this year’s Venice Immersive competition. The interactive piece swaps the VR headset for a pair of AR lenses and a physical storybook that advances the experience with every page turned. Narrated by Neil Gaiman, the storybook fable will leap off the page based on physical prompts, creating a mixed-reality experience optimized for the Magic Leap 2 AR device.

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