Five hints that John Lewis dropped BEFORE the Christmas advert was revealed – did you spot them?

THE John Lewis Christmas advert is finally here – but did you spot the clues?

The retailer has been dropping some heavy hints about the advert, which features an unexpected Christmas guest in the form of an alien.

The alien, named Skye, befriends a teen called Nathan who teaches her about festive traditions, such as eating mince pies and decorating a Christmas tree.

John Lewis bosses wanted to create a magical advert that captures the spirit of celebrating your first Christmas.

It also wanted to focus on the traditions that many are looking forward to this year.

It also decided to release the ad a week earlier than usual.

As always, the retailer left a few clues for shoppers to spot in the run up to the release of the ad.

But did you see them? We explain.

1. Spaceship crash in the UK

Earlier this week, as The Sun reported first, fans spotted two 'spaceships' that crashed on UK streets.

One in London's Southbank and another in Newcastle.

A plaque next to them read: "Christmas is landing 04/11/21 #UnexpectedGuest".

2. Watch this space

Yesterday the retailer was having a bit of fun dropping hints on its Facebook page, using words associated with the ad.

It said: "Want to add some Christmas sparkle to your little ones space?", as well as: "Looking for an out of this world Christmas experience."

Late yesterday it posted a picture of a spaceship bauble and said: "What colour scheme will you be gravitating towards this year on your Christmas tree".

The subtle word choices were all hints about the Xmas ad.

3. Festive hints on its website

Earlier this week the John Lewis landing page on its website changed to feature the Christmas tree which is seen in the advert – complete with big neon star.

The star is a major feature of the advert, as it appears on Nathan's jumper and on Skye's alien armour.

Nathan is also seen playing with a star when he's helping the family with their decorations.

4. John Lewis logo

The retailer also changed its logo earlier this week on its website and on its social media accounts.

It replaced the O in John with a star.

As mentioned above the star is somewhat of a motif for this year's ad.

5. John Lewis' Christmas emporium

John Lewis has installed eleven Christmas emporiums in stores across the UK and decorated them in keeping with the advert.

This year, the retailer is selling the most amount of items ever as part of an extended merchandise range to celebrate the ad.

The range includes neon lights, a Christmas jumper, baubles and tableware.


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